Book Review: Elf Witch


A collision of worlds as destinies entwine.

After Earth’s last great Ice Age, an ancient prophecy was spoken of a child born who would bring balance to Light and Dark and destroy the Dark Magic wielders. Discovering this prophecy, a Dark Magic caster makes it his life’s mission to ensure the prophecy remains unfulfilled.

At 35, Maia wonders if she’ll ever fit into the human life she’s living. She’s always felt different, something more. As of late, she feels the magic beneath her skin aching to get out. Add to that strange dreams and visions and she feels lost and maybe a little crazy. When the Goddess speaks to her and tells her to call to her the one in her vision, she does, and everything in her life changes.

The Dragon-shifter Drago, never really getting along with his father, goes against his wishes and offers his assistance in capturing the Dark Elves. Along the way, he aides Elwyndyn in his duty to guard and contact the human having flashes of Elven memory. What he did not expect was to have such intense feelings for her. In his quest to understand his feelings, he learns news of his and his “father’s” past that changes everything he ever knew about himself.




This book picks up where Elven Jumper leaves off.  If you haven’t read the first one yet, you’re missing out on some of the subtler parts of this book.  Technically, this can stand on its own, as there is a beginning and ending.  However, there are enough threads picked up from the first book, and left for the next to pick up that reading this one without the rest is strongly not recommended.

When I finally had a chance to do some reading, I had every intention of reading a book and posting my reviews.  Instead, Raven’s series captivated me enough I wound up diving off onto a reading binge, which then left me no time to write the reviews until now.  So, this is another vastly over due review, and I’m relying heavily on what I remember from multiple months ago, rather than just a few days.

With that said….

This book continues to build upon the foundations laid down in Elven Jumper, solidifying and enriching the worlds, as well as adding a new one to the mix.  The Elven Realm has been fully fleshed in with this installment, to the point I remember a sense of peace and tranquility permeating me while I read the passages based in this Realm.  This was not the case for the Draconian Realm.  There is enough detail to give it a solid skeleton, but there was an obvious difference between the previously established settings and the new ones.  It wasn’t enough to jar me out of the reading experience, but it did make for a sharp break when the scenes shifted.  Unlike Elven Jumper, this book also had a little more difficulty in the settings on Earth as well.  Most of the new settings were sketched in with only enough detail for the story to hang on, rather than given the depth of development which had occurred in the previous book.  The contrast in development may have come about because I was devouring the books so quickly, which left the memory of the previous book fresh in my mind, even as I rampaged my way through the next.

I was happy to see that the character development did not flag.  Though the cast that carried forward from the previous book did not get as much attention, they also did not remain stagnant.  The new characters with this book were given a quick introductory sketch, and then the work of fleshing them in really began.  The old and new cast worked well together, developing all of the characters into unique people.  I had no trouble keeping track of who was where or how they fit into the over all story, despite most of the non-human cast having very similar names.

This installment shifted from heavily plot driven to a more drive between the plot and characters.  There were a few times when it felt like things were a touch too pat, but not enough to detract from my enjoyment.  The pace of the story beautifully reflected the urgency of what was occurring, which helped keep me turning to pages to find out what happened next.

Overall, this was a very satisfying read, and may have been the book that cemented my addiction to the series.  It was still a light, entertaining read, but when I finished I remember the sense of having been somewhere else while I was devouring what was on offer.  A well deserved five out of five stars for this one!


If you’d like to pick up a copy of Elf Witch, you can find it on Amazon HERE, or you can browse through Raven William’s other works to pick up the entire series HERE.

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