Author Interview: Kindra Sowder

Welcome everyone.  Today we’re chatting with Kindra Sowder who comes to visit us from Spartanburg, SC.  Kindra, will you get us started by telling us a little about yourself?

  • I am a transplant to SC from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. I am the oldest of 6 with 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Not only do I have this going for me since it has helped me become a leader, I have two degrees, one in Abnormal Psychology and another in Criminal Neuropsychology. This has helped me to become a better writer, I believe. I am also the founder/CEO/President/Director of Acquisitions of Burning Willow Press, LLC. I began writing the Executioner Trilogy at the age of 15 and have moved into other genres as well like erotic horror, dystopian fiction, etc.

How did you find yourself writing?  Sounds like your education would have taken you in a different direction.

  • I began writing when I was in middle school. We were told to write a short horror story because Halloween was coming up. My first written story was called “Mommy Dearest.” Then, when I was 15 I began to write the Executioner Trilogy and I’ve been writing ever since.
  • I can say that a story came to mind and I was influenced by a lot of things. One thing that helped me along was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with a huge twist and a lot of differences. I wanted it to be mine and not Joss Whedon’s *snicker*. I based the main character on my own mother and gave her the same name as well.

With that length of history in writing, do you have a particular incident that you look back on and realize you had become a writer?

  • I first considered myself a writer when I started writing my first actual book. That was when I started writing the Executioner Trilogy.

Do you feel your stories influence your writing style, or do you think you have one that is uniquely yours?

  • I don’t think I do but anyone who has read my stuff is more than welcome to chime in.

I can relate to that.  Speaking of readers, I’m sure you’ve got several projects in the works.  Are you to a point you can share about any of them, or even some updates about where you’ll be making appearances?

  • As far as news the latest I have is that I have recently appeared at MonsterCon here in Gaffney, SC and I am also appearing at X-Con in Myrtle Beach next year. I am currently working on the second volume of the Miss Hyde novellas. The third book of the Executioner Trilogy “Follow the Bloodshed” comes out in December. The second one just releasd last month. I have also been invited to take place at the LoneStar Pop Culture Con in Houston, TX in November.
  • As of right now I am working on the second installment to the Miss Hyde novellas as well as so many other projects. One is super-secret. Sorry, guys! But I can say I am working on a screenplay title “The Keres Strain” as well as a fiction work based on human trafficking as well as a dystopian fiction series. I have also begun work on another vampire series.

With everything you have in the works, do you have any writers you go back to for inspiration or technique tips to apply in your own work, or see as a mentor figure?

  • If I had to choose another writer that has been a huge mentor has been Anne Rice. I have even been compared to her more than once with my writing. One of the best moments in the last year since releasing my work I let her know that the comparison was made and that it made me feel so great that I am being compared to someone I look up to.

Sounds exciting.  How do you come up with your titles?  That seems to be such a sticking point for so many authors.

  • At first my title for “Follow the Ashes” was “Flowers of Evil.” Then I remembered the book of poetry by Baudelaire. Then someone pointed out an anime with the same title so I decided to change it. A song by Icon for Hire helped me come up with the new one.

What about your covers?  Did you create those your self, or work with someone else?

  • [I worked with] Lisa Vasquez of Darque Halo Designs designed the covers fo the Executioner Trilogy and Loraine Van Tonder is responsible for the covers of the Miss Hyde novellas.

One last question for you.  What are you reading now?  One of your favorite authors, or someone new?

  • Right now I am listening to the audiobook for “Pretty When She Dies” by Rhiannon Frater.

Kindra, than you so much for taking time out of you busy schedule to stop by and visit.  It was great having you over.


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