Book Review: Elven Fire


The war between Dark and Light is coming. Will the other Elder Species stand with the inhabitants of Earth. Or are the humans and Guardians on their own?

Unknown to humans, Earth stands on the cusp of war. One which could cause the Earth as well as the Universe to fall into Darkness. Elemence, leader of the Phoenix-Shifters, has a decision to make. Does she stay on Estrearona with her people, or does she step down as leader to go to Earth and war? Her weariness with her long, lonely life forces her decision. Is it one she will live to regret?

Arlondyn of Elf-Kin has lived for over 10,000 years. He grows weary of his long lonely life. As he has yet to find his mate, he has nothing to lose. So he volunteers for the Elven contingent on Earth. If there is to be war, he will do his part to prevent the shift to Darkness. Even if it means his death.

With war looming, each of the Elder Species must make a choice. The Elves have pledged their support. Will the other species join them or leave Earth to its fate, letting the Universe fall to darkness?





I’ll freely admit, if the series hadn’t already captivated me, the cover would have.  Can we take a moment to stop and admire Raven’s ability to capture a firestorm in such a simple image?  Wow!

The story on the inside does the cover justice, and then some.  Though there are new Realms introduced in this book, and the multi-verse continues to expand as we get glimpses of other species yet to come into the full picture, the world building in this installment is exquisite.  Even in the midst of my reading binge, I could feel the change in presentation, which perked my reader’s ears up with decided interest.  The Realms that had already been introduced did not get as much attention as in the previous two books, while the new settings were built up sense by sense, layer by layer.  While I was reading I could feel the heat of the Phoenix Realm, and my mind provided some unique scents for the Draconian Realm.  This was a fully immersive experience!

The character development slowed a little, as the cast grew and shifted.  A few of the familiar figures that I would have considered main characters shifted back to the shadows, and new characters stepped forward to fill the openings.  They all remained unique, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  However, there was not as much personal growth for them in this installment.  (That does NOT say the characters turned into stagnant cut-outs!)  Even the new characters remained a well drawn sketch, but very there was not much done to flesh them out.  I think it was because there was so much going on with this particular installment of the series.

By the time I started this one, I knew I was fully addicted to the story, and more than a little biased.  I remember a story that had a vibrant rich tapestry woven of many threads.  However, the writing style did shift back to heavily plot driven again.  Unlike the previous time, this one had a thick, rich, vibrant story to sustain the shift.  As I mentioned earlier, there is quite a bit going on in this installment, which did create a sense of a bee’s eye view of a field full of flowers – many things to stop and look at, but not much time with any one piece.  Raven did come back to visit some of the (to me) more interesting pieces, but it almost felt as if the story line was a little rushed.  Several times I wished scenes could have been expanded on a little more, or hadn’t been cut quite so short.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, and I’ll enjoy going back to re-read it.  Unfortunately, there were just enough tiny things that I can’t in good faith give it all five stars.  It does however well deserve the other four.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Elf Witch, you can find it on Amazon HERE, or you can browse through Raven William’s other works to pick up the entire series HERE.

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