Book Review: Elven Dreams


Dreams are becoming nightmares and a great war is coming.

The demon, Vaduxach, is using nightmares to pull humans into the war between Dark and Light.  Will he succeed?  If he does, which side will they choose?

Cheyenne is a human woman with strong magical potential. She is the target of the demon and his evil plans. Will she be swayed to Darkness or remain in the Light?

Relalith, an Elven Realm Jumper, is tasked with determining the cause of human nightmares. In the course of this quest he finds out Cheyenne is much more than anyone realizes, especially for him. Can he save her from the demon’s clutches or will he be too late?







Since I’ve been covering this series from book 1, I’m sure you don’t need to hear me rave about how wonderful Raven Williams is at building up her worlds.  This time, she’s expanding on what is already built, rather than introducing many new Realms.  The one she does, I think she made an intriguing decision – just a rough sketch that leaves it as ethereal as the reason it even exists – she introduces a Realm where dreams are created and sent out.

There’s only one new character added to the cast in this installment, though she was semi-introduced in the last book.  However, Raven didn’t stop working with her entire crew.  She continued developing each of them with a deft hand.  It was interesting to see how some of the characters changed, while others became even more hide bound in their opinions.  Especially on the “good” side.  For the “bad” guys, there was so much disorder and chaos, it could get to be a little confusing trying to remember who supported what, or had stood for which before.  Definitely helped keep the interest to see if the swirling mess ever resolved into a semblance of order.

There is a lot going on, and if you’re reading straight through, it may seem a little over whelming.  Even with a short break, I was able to straighten out the timeline, and continue to enjoy the story.  There were a couple of places I remember wishing a little more time had been allotted to explore or expand upon, but not many.  This installment definitely continues to add to the overall tension in the series, which added another enjoyable layer for me.  I’m definitely looking forward to coming back and re-reading once I have a little more time.  Something tells me it’s going to be even better.

A well deserved five out of five stars on this one, and a huge recommendation.  If you haven’t started reading the series, and enjoy fantasy then I’d highly recommend you start.  A fun read from start to finish.  (Yes, there’s a few more books to come, so there isn’t a huge climactic scene, but most of the story line is wrapped up, which makes waiting for the next installment bearable.)


If you’d like to pick up a copy of Elf Witch, you can find it on Amazon HERE, or you can browse through Raven William’s other works to pick up the entire series HERE.

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