Book Review: Mixed Blood: A Companion Novella


Long before the time of Elves, even before the great Ice Age, there are those who dwell on the realm of Earth.  These inhabitants are known as humans.  But they are not alone.  The Ancient Elders, in secret, created another species; one the Elves call the Guardians. Together these two species live and prosper.

On Paer-Jhysael, the High Elves, the original members of Elf-Kin, step down as leaders, turn the responsibility over to their descendants, and give up their immortality.  They choose to go to Earth to live out the rest of their mortal lives. They are accompanied by two Realm Jumpers, Taranath of the Fire Elves and Solana of the Moon Elves.  What happens on Earth changes the lives of the Jumpers forever.

Mixed Blood is the tale of Solana and Izlal, her Guardian Mate.  Join them on an adventure that changes, not only their lives, but the lives of Guardians, humans, and the Elder Species alike.






Most people find an author with their first book, or somewhere in the middle of a series.  I found Raven Williams through a Facebook takeover event.  I’d seen a few of her covers every now and then before, but hadn’t really pursued them, since I was in school, trying to keep up with the blog, and trying to write my own stuff.  That made for a really full calendar.  Yet, something told me when I ran across a request for ARC readers to help make sure it was clean.

So, though I’ve been posting the books in chronological order, this was really my introduction to Raven’s work.  And, what an introduction it was.

Like with all of her books, Raven does a wonderful job in building up the settings for her stories.  There were a few stylistic choices I nit-picked on, but after reading her other books, I can see why she made those choices.

The characters also were well developed.  A few places where they tried to become scenery, rather than vibrant participants, but that may have been because of the format, rather than developmental issues.

The overall pace of the story was handled well.  Because this is a novella, there were a few places where the plot overshadows the characters, or the characters overshadow the plot.  Yet, through it all, nothing ever felt rushed or like it lagged.  Since this was my first encounter with the nomenclature, I did have a few minor issues at first keeping track of who was where and doing what.  However, by the end of the book I was well, and truly, captivated.

Though most series requires the books be read in order, this book is almost completely self-contained.  (Warning, however – read the others before if you can, just to make remembering the names easier.)  While not a full five star read for me, in retrospect, I have no problem giving it 4.5 out of 5.  Even after several months of trying to turn my brain to mush with classwork, I can still vividly remember bits and pieces of the story, and am looking forward to going back and reacquainting myself with the characters and situations played out in this installment.



If you’d like to pick up a copy of Elf Witch, you can find it on Amazon HERE, or you can browse through Raven William’s other works to pick up the entire series HERE.

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