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Divorcing at fifty and starting over in Virginia is far from being the hardest challenge in Dawn’s life. Overcoming the loneliness and feelings for her ex would prove even more difficult. One night, over too much wine, her friend Cindy fills out a profile for the online dating site, for her. It’s not long until a virtual flirt turns into an every night cyber date with a handsome man in Montana.

Before the summer is over, Dawn finds herself hiking around the beautiful and wild front range of the Rockies, having a grand time and enjoying life again. Strange and weird things turn into terror forcing her to run for her life. Her only hope is to escape the madman and survive the wilderness. Lost and afraid, thirsty and hungry, she discovers her true courage and strength. is a story of a woman’s will to live and love again.

The following story contains strong and explicit sexual and other intense situations. The following story is intended for adult audiences only. 18+




Don’t ask me why I seem to be reviewing books quickly all of a sudden, I couldn’t tell you.  Though this one has romance, it is definitely not your usual romance.  Murder/mystery is more like it, though the romance does take a central role.  I know it wasn’t on any of my review lists, much to my embarrassment.  I seemed to have somehow missed my epub files, so that’s something I’m going to have to update.  Especially since many of these are so severely over due I’m sure the authors think I’m not going to get them done.  (Sorry K.D.!)

There’s a few little technical glitches in the first couple of chapters, which rapidly smooth out as the story progresses, and one formatting glitch about 3/4 of the way through.  By the time the formatting glitch hit, I was well and truly hooked on the story, but the early ones made it a little harder to really become immersed in the pictures so vividly painted.  I’m not sure if it is because the story started out in first present, or if there really was a glitch in the edits, because a couple of times the tenses shifted from sentence to sentence.  (As someone who has to watch this, myself, I’m a bit oversensitive to the issue.)  However, with that said, this was a fun read… mostly.  There are a couple of scenes that were a little hard to get through, mostly because of the event, not because of the writing.  (Thus the warning trigger in the description above.)

The story itself is set against the backdrop of modern day America, which most would think did not require much world building.  Due to the fact that what isn’t set against a modern city is set in the wilderness of the Rocky’s, there is quite a bit of world building that must be done.  Not only did K.D. do an excellent job, I found myself falling in love with the Rocky Mountain Wilderness all over again.  I’m a huge lover of nature, the more unspoiled, the better.  And, many of the scenes were described with just the right amount of detail to let me stand beside the lead as she experienced it for the first time.  I could practically smell the fresh air, hear the pines whisper to each other, and feel the serenity that comes from being away from everything settle over me as I read.  That alone makes this a book well worth returning to later.

Though I’m not usually a fan of flashbacks, K.D. is a master with them.  There were two or three separate timelines woven together to provide a rich tapestry for the characters to interact with.  Each of the pieces, as it was introduce, brought with it something that added a little more depth and history to the lead and a couple of the secondary characters.  All the while, those same characters were developing from the present through their trials and efforts into something even more alive and vibrant.  When the story started resolving all the little mysteries so carefully woven in, each of the first and second tier characters stood beside me, and I felt they were actually friends I had known my entire life.  (Mind you, it only took me 4 hours or so to devour the book!)  Even the villain was well done, which isn’t always easy to accomplish.

The pace of the story telling was an interesting mix, providing texture to the already vivid images being painted.  There was no sense of anything being rushed, or anything being drug out.  A few times there did seem to be extra scenes, but when I got to the end, those were like the extra scenes you get with a director’s cut – something that added a little extra dimension to everything else going on.

As I said up front, I’m not normally a romance, or even a romance thriller reader.  Yet, I have no problems saying this:  I don’t care what genre you read – this is one I’d highly recommend!  Five out of Five stars, and I wish there could be more.  A beautifully crafted character driven story with a little bit of sweetness mixed in with the tension of wondering what’s going to happen next!


(Edit:  Looking at the Amazon listing, this isn’t listed as a romance, it’s listed as a suspense.  My fault for classifying it incorrectly.)


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