Character Interview: Lady Ariama


The saga continues in this third installment of the Lamerion series that began in Faer Dreams and Faer Pride. The family is reunited in South Kinyard and drawn closer by their grief yet it is not long before they are again torn apart. Those who remain continue their tasks for the Goddesses yet now must battle against their heartbreak as valiantly as they fight against their enemies. New and stronger bonds are forged as the family awaits permission to fly to battle to reunite with their sisters and heal the shattered remains of their hearts…









Welcome back, everyone.  Aimee, it’s great to see you again.  Who is your friend?

  • [I’ll let her speak for herself.]
  • I am Ariama.

Welcome Ariama.  Do you have a nickname, or full name you prefer to be called?

  • My name is only Ariama.
  • The Faer refer to me as ‘Lady Ariama.’ They began doing so many millennia ago when they first discovered Our presence.

So I do not insult you by making an inappropriate racial reference, may I know what race or species you are?

  • I am a Goddess. I am responsible for keeping the animals of Lamerion in a state of balance.

Blessings on You this day.  You are the first deity I have had the pleasure of visiting with.  Thank You for coming over with Aimee.

I know with mortals, we have our childhood and growth period before we reach maturity.  Did You have the same?  If so, can You tell us about it?

  • I have existed since the beginning. We were not born as mortals are.
  • I did not ‘grow up’ as you know it. I have always been charged with Lamerion’s well-being so that is where I learned to control My powers in order to love and nurture the land.

What about parents or siblings?

  • I do not have parents.
  • Nay, I do not have siblings either.

Do You have any romantic relationships, such as dating or marriage?

  • Again, nay.
  • We do not form attachments as mortals so.

Surely, though, You have friends or people that You trust?

  • My fellow Goddesses are my allies, as are the good Faer of Lamerion.

You speak of allies.  Does that mean You have enemies?

  • I would like to see the Thyride and Goblins and Trolls eradicated from Lamerion. The death and destruction that they spread is abhorrent to Me.

Since there are other Goddesses with whom You work, am I right in guessing that each of You has Your own sphere of influence that You enjoy working with?

  • I am the Goddess of the Animals. Aye, I do enjoy My charge.

Enjoying your work makes the hard days more bearable.  But, what type of person does it take to create animals, or the people of the world You guide?

  • I am one of the lesser Goddesses and have spent more time with the Faer of Lamerion than the others. I find it easier to interact with them, perhaps because it is not as obvious to some that I am not Fae myself. I have been told by Lady Weling that I can be as rash and as vocal as the Faer often are. I take my responsibilities very seriously, yet I did refuse to create more animals simply for the Goblins to eat. I am kind and generous, yet defiant and stubborn as well.

::Chuckles::  Reward Your friends, punish Your enemies?  Umm.. don’t answer that.  However, does Your personality tip the scales towards the good or evil ends of the spectrum?

  • I am uncertain that those descriptions can define Us. I create life, yet I take life as well. I assist the Faer in their goals while attempting to hinder the Thyride and Goblins. Perhaps that makes me ‘good.’

Does the invasion cause you any deep fears, or worries about the future for Your friends and the world You are part of?

  • My greatest fear is being forced to create my precious charges for the sole consumption of the evil spreading across Lamerion.

I’d say that is a yes.  What would it take to make things better for You?

  • It would please Me greatly should We be able to send the Faer to rescue Our beloved maidens. I am as heartbroken as the family is over the loss. Perhaps more so for I can see what is happening to them.

You wouldn’t want to become something different, if You could?

  • I would become Fae. I am often consumed with the knowledge that I will always exist. I would like to know the peace of their death.
  • [However,] I would not do so. My passion and love may lead me to act foolishly on occasion, yet those qualities are also what brings the animals of Lamerion to life.

::Chuckles::  In a way, that is very ironic.  So many mortals wish to live eternally, yet an eternal being wishes to have the peace of death.  Perhaps one day You will be able to discover what sleep, or at least, unconsciousness is.  It is said by the living, this is like a “little death” because it is a time we often do not remember.

Sometimes, the break in events also lets us put things in perspective.  Such as when we respond to inappropriate complements or insults.  What do you do when someone who shouldn’t complements You, or someone who should complement You insults You?

  • [When someone insults Me inappropriately] I would understand for I would know their heart is too heavy for them to be thinking clearly. No Fae would be foolish enough to insult Me unless they were not in their right mind.
  • [when someone complements Me inappropriately] I suppose I would accept the compliment graciously.

I wish I could be that objective.  I’m sure the reason I’m not, is because I know I won’t live long enough to see the other rewarded.  There are times being a mortal can get in the way of being nice, one of the saddest secrets everyone knows, but doesn’t talk about.  Do You have any similar secrets?  Ones You know, but don’t talk about?

  • Well… I suppose that it will not cause any harm should I tell you that I have created creatures within the Suveyus Sea that are larger than any creature that has ever inhabited Lamerion’s land.

::Chuckles::  That sounds like one you’ve kept to Yourself for a long, long time.

And, speaking of time, do You have any accomplishments that You cherish when things start looking bleak, that can help renew Your hope for the future?

  • As I recently told Salisa, one of my greatest creations is the felid. The strength in their minds is equal to the strength in their bodies. They are quick, agile, cunning, and resilient. They are remarkable creatures and it saddens me greatly that they are nearly gone.

Perhaps You will be able to help them make a comeback one day soon.

Lady Ariama, thank you for stopping by to visit today.  It has been a pleasure to get to know you better.

Aimee, thank you for returning, and brining Lady Ariama with you.


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