Character Interview: Talhir

Lamerion was a land tended by the six Goddesses that watched over the balance of life on the once fair and fertile realm. The three races of Faer that shared Lamerion with the animals and the plants and the waters had both aided and hindered the Goddesses’ tasks yet life had thrived for millions of years on the fair Lamerion.
Then the realm had seen the first signs of the evil that would soon gain too great a hold on the land to be banished with ease. Wingless Dragons given the name of Bekchers had nested in the far north and within weeks had destroyed all life from the Suveyus Sea to the Onoik Mountains. Only the arrival of larger and fiercer winged Dragons had prevented the destruction of the entire realm.
Three unique races of Goblins had appeared nearly eight hundred years later seemingly without warning. The evil beasts threatened all forms of life that made Lamerion their home as they grew in numbers and spread quickly over the land.
The six Goddesses had watched with grief as their precious charge had quickly succumbed to the evil that now raped the land. For nearly a century They could only watch and try to renew as the Goblins’ destruction spread like fire over the land that They nurtured. Then Trolls had appeared in the far south and the lesser Goddesses had pleaded with the greatest to intervene before all was lost yet They had been forced to wait until Lady Weling would declare it time to act.
They had waited until long after the birth of the Feenin Fae that would change the course of Lamerion forever. Evil had never before dwelt within the heart of any Fae yet in Lord Jolten a darkness seethed that rivaled that of the Goblins and the Bekchers and the Trolls. A threat now existed on Lamerion worse than anything that the realm had seen before and Lady Weling finally assented to aiding the Faer in a way that They never had before, in the only way that They could.


Aimee, welcome back.  And for my readers, thank you for joining us again today.  Aimee, will you introduce us to your friend?

  • [This is] Tahlir, it is nice to meet you.

Do you have a full name or a nickname you preferred to be called?

  • I am Tahlir of Syte Valley.
  • I am not certain what you mean by ‘nickname.’ I am often called ‘Brother’ by Balan and Rayus, and Mother refers to me as ‘Son’ most of the time and has since my birth parents passed from Lamerion.

Forgive me if this is a bit nosey, I talk with many different beings, and wish not to offend anyone.  What species or race are you?  You do not appear to be human.

  • I am an Atilles Fae, although ‘Atilles’ is a race, not a species. What is a ‘human,’ lady?

I am a human, though some would debate that.

Thank you for allowing me to get the preliminaries out of the way Tahlir of Syte Valley.  Can you start us off with a little about yourself, your family and where you grew up?

  • I was born in Syte Valley on the 18th day of Laryet. I am 259 years old, which means that I was born in the fifth year of this era.
  • My birth parents died when I was a Faeling. I was raised as Balan’s brother by King Gwilen and Queen Bainnah. Mother is kind, gracious, and wise. Father is firm, imposing, and proud. Both are generous and compassionate and care deeply for the people that they govern.
  • I have an older brother by blood. Rayus is 57 years my senior. However, having been raised by the King and Queen, I have considered Prince Balan my brother nearly all of my life.

Sounds like you have found your place in the world, despite your unusual situation.  Do you work for/with your adoptive family, or are you still training for your future?

  • I have trained as both a warrior and a healer. Both roles are necessary and fulfill my desire to make a positive impact upon Lamerion.

That must make you proud – having such accomplishments.  Does that put any pressure on you?  If so, how well do you handle it?

  • I would not make a suitable leader if I were not capable of remaining calm during stressful moments. An example would be being able to speak calmly to my companions about the poison of the Thyride after Salisa was bitten in the bathing chamber while we waited for Balan to arrive.

Do you get along well with everyone?

  • It is easy to deal well with others when you have an open and accepting heart.

I’m going to prod this a little.  When you say “others” does this mean everyone in the multiverse, or is there a group you’d rather stay away from and watch their plans come to a stop?

  • Jolten and his kind are the biggest threat to the Faer of Lamerion. In the last century the Thyride have decimated our population. There are now less than 5,000 Faer left with more dying each day. Jolten must be defeated before there are no Faer left.

I thought there might be someone like that in your life.  Though, facing the threat of genocidal extinction is never fun.  Do you have anyone who works with you to end the threat?

  • My allies are the Satran, Atilles, and Feenin Faer of Lamerion. Allies to us all are the benevolent Goddesses.

Would you say that you, and your allies, fall on the side of good or on the side of evil?

  • There is good and bad within us all, lady, yet I am not evil. Few creatures can truly claim to be evil. I do my best to always act with integrity and to treat all whom I meet with respect and decency.

That is a wonderful testament to your upbringing and personality.  Or did I misinterpret part of that?

  • I would describe myself as confident yet humble. I am wise, experienced, and well-educated. I am slow to anger and quick to laugh. I am compassionate when allowed and stern when necessary. These qualities, as well as my extensive traveling throughout Lamerion, are all reasons why I was chosen to lead the family.

A lot of responsibility, indeed.  Do you have any fears or secrets that affect the way you approach your duties?

  • My worst fear is losing the Faer that I love to Jolten’s evil. I do not fear their deaths at his hands nearly as much as I fear losing them to his poison. My blood runs cold merely thinking of it.
  • My … secret is one that I have kept entirely to myself for a very long time. I am not comfortable revealing it for the risk to the maiden that it involves is death.

With everything you are carrying, I’m sure you have a few things you would love to see changed.  If you had to pick just one, which would it be?

  • I would like to see Salisa lose her fear of flying. Her stubborn refusal has caused us many problems already.

Flight?  I think I’m jealous of that ability.  Going back to what you mentioned earlier about having an open and accepting heart – what is your response if one of your enemies complements you?

  • A compliment from a Thyride, or Jolten himself, would be an insult to you or I. My response would be silence. That is the only manner of dealing with Jolten that does not create a more hostile mood.

True.  So long as they do not take it as weakness on your part.  What about the opposite–one of your friends, or allies insulted you–what would be your response?

  • Again, silence is the only peaceful response to an insult. Although, should it come from those I love, it is likely in jest and a quickly articulated insult in kind would not be considered unreasonable.

It’s funny you word it that way.  Seems the friendly insult is universal.

Do you ever play the “let’s pretend game” to hold boredom at bay, or get through a particularly troubling circumstance?  If so, what creature do you pretend to be?

  • A creature that I would like to become… Lady, this is an odd question. I would not like to become a Goblin or Troll, nor the despised Thyride. Would you consider a fish to be a creature? I think that perhaps it would be interesting to know what it would be like to live in the water. Aye, I shall choose to be a fish if I must become something other than what I already am.

What about changing something about your real self?  Is there anything you’d like to make better or different?

  • We are all fallible in our own ways, lady, and I have accepted mine. To change one characteristic risks changing another. Should I ask for more confidence I risk becoming arrogant. To become less may mean that I would no longer be as wise. Perhaps I will encounter a situation that warrants addressing some flaw or another and I deem it wise to attempt to change that. Perhaps not. Only the Goddesses know what may happen in the future.

Wise words, indeed.  Does that wisdom carry over into your personal life in the form of someone you are seeing, dating, or thinking of marrying?

  • I am not certain that I understand your question, lady. I do not see anyone with us at the moment.

[Thinks for a moment]

  • Ah, I see now what the … question meant. To answer that question, I am not currently involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. As for the question regarding bonding with another… I have yet to take a relationship to the betrothal stage.

Fair enough.  One last question.  With all that you have been through, do you have any accomplishments that you can cling to when life is at its bleakest, which help restore your hope that everything will work out?

  • I am most proud of being a Fae that my parents are proud of. Together they embody everything that is good and decent and to live up to their expectations is my greatest accomplishment.

What a wonderful beacon to have.

Tahlir of Syte Valley, thank you so much for accompanying Aimee today, and taking the time to visit with us.

Aimee, thank you so much for bringing Tahlir.  I have enjoyed the visit.



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