Come find #YourNextFavoriteAuthor


Since pages don’t post out to the rest of my feeds, I’m copying this from the “Special Events” page in order to spread word.  Please share, comment, and like.  Let’s get the word out about a fun, and enjoyable ongoing promotion.

This one is an ongoing promotion.  I’ve started a page for #YourNextFavoriteAuthor Here.  You can find the current updates on what we’re up to next.  There’s an ongoing game we like to call “King of the Hill” and encourage everyone to join in!
This isn’t just one person, but a group of about 2,500 authors in the science fiction and fantasy genre working together to help each other out, which makes it very exciting.  You never know for certain which genre will be up next, or who will catch your eye.
A few of the threads we have going right now:
  • Twitter:  Look for the tags #YourNextFavoriteAuthor and #YNFA to find, and follow, some exciting new authors.  You never know – they might actually BE your next favorite author.
    • There’s a shout tag to help you keep up with the game too.  You can follow along Here
  • Facebook: Join the group Science Fiction and Fantasy (and other genres) Authors Group Promo Group to find stay current on all the incentives and new ideas coming out.  Readers are encouraged – this is a chance to help shape how books are presented to the larger audience.  We do listen!
  • Blogs:  I’m not the only one who is participating in the blogging effort to spread word about the group.  We’re still in the early stages, but expect to start seeing blog tours for our members start percolating through the various “blogospheres.”  Right now, our founder Lucinda Moebius serves as our central go-to point for blogging information.  She maintains the Your Next Favorite Author Blog.  There’s weekly author spotlights, questions, writing prompts, and reports for how our group is benefiting from everyone’s effort.
  • Games:  Again, we’re still in the early stages here.  The current game is our “King of the Hill” that I mentioned earlier.  Through active participation, members are allowed to submit books to be part of this effort.  Readers benefit, the authors benefit, and we all get to have some creative fun.  When a new book is crowned “king” it goes on sale for a limited time – until it is knocked off the throne (which requires 50 verified purchases) or it becomes obvious that interest in the book has been lost.  (Which we do not like to see.)

As you can see, there’s a lot going on.  We invite everyone who enjoys exploring the many facets of science fiction and fantasy to come on over and join in the fun, and to find #YourNextFavoriteAuthor!


Comments and questions welcome.

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