Tahani Nelson’s Inkshare Campaign

Faoii cover


After her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, Kaiya-faoii is left alone to fight back against her uncle’s army or watch him enslave them all.

The faoii have protected Clearwall for generations. A close relationship with their Goddess and sisters has always allowed these women to maintain their temples and lands in peace and prosperity. So when the monastery of Kaiya-faoii is attacked by the long-vanished croeli, an ostracized nation seeking to reclaim their former glory, the faoii are caught unprepared and only young Kaiya-faoii is left alive. Forced to cope without the long-standing traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels across the country searching for others to help avenge the destruction of everything she’s ever known. The search brings Kaiya not only to other faoii that have survived the occupation, but to a secret she never wanted or dreamed of—an estranged brother. Fighting against a system that has kept them apart their entire lives and forced into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings must evaluate the true meanings of enemy, betrayaland freedom—and the grey areas surrounding each.



Tahani has signed up with Inkshare, a crowd funded publisher and needs your help.  I’ve posted this information on the Special Events page, but since pages don’t generate post notices, I’m duplicating it as a post to help spread word.

A little about Tahani:

My name’s Tahani. I’m a writer and a teacher (not always in that order). I enjoy… thinking. And sharing ideas. But not necessarily talking to strangers face-to-face. So I found a medium where I could share my opinion without people having to look at me. It seems to be working pretty well so far.

Click on the Inkshare link to discover new updates for this crowdfunded campaign.  Click on Tahani’s name to head over to her blog, and get to know her better.

A little about Inkshare: They are ” a book publisher that has readers, not agents or editors, decide what we publish. We publish any work that successfully hits a pre-order threshold on our platform. By “publish” we mean that we edit, design, print, distribute, and market books. You can find our funded books here. “


Comments and questions welcome.

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