I am Moving Through the Shadows

Before me I see light, but what light do I see?
Is it the light of accomplishment, or a light of defeat?
I walk through the hills, through the highs and the lows
To a place where I feel that nobody else knows
This place that I find – it is quiet, serene
A place where I stand silent, by myself, all alone

The light in the distance, it twinkles and glitters
A lure to move on, to strive, stretch and reach
A hope that before I lay down for my sleep
I will have been found by someone who may weep
Weep for my words, recorded and not
Weep for the efforts that the end has cut short

One step, two, three, and then four
I step off to the beat of a near silent tambour
One that has led me, driven me, coaxed
To this place in the shadows, a place no one knows
The light here is dim, and hope often seems small
A glittering star that appears ready to fall

The fears that surround me, the despair that now fills me
Overwhelms what would be a sweet spring, making it fall
The chill in the air is not invigorating and brisk
It is a cold that numbs and deadens me to all who come near
Where is my summer, my spring, and my hope?
When did my joy and my laughter dance off?

Among all the others who are heading the same way
I move and I talk, no one even knows my name
I am a shadow, among shadows today
Trying to light the fire to show where I am
The light that will flicker, and give me a path
Something to turn my failure into fuel for success

Today I am shadow, a dimness near you
One among many who see the light and move on
Today I am shadow, the chill that numbs pain
No one to care, or even carry a name
Today I am the shadow that defines the way out
The umbra that gives way to a lit candle flame

I press on the edge of the glow and the warmth
I give shape to the hopes, to fears, and to dreams
I am the fears, the sorrow, the pain
That all must pass through, holding the flame high
I am the shadow, I am the path
I am the everything you want to leave in the past

You move through the shadows, when you put down your torch
My dimness is by your side when sorrow walks at your side
I move through the shadows to dim the way out
The flames of the future fight to be seen
When I walk before you, your sorrows and pain
Yes, I move through the shadows, dimming your dreams
But you move through to safety when you laugh, cry, and hope


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