Day to Night

Golden glory wake
Call pink to your side
To call cousin blue
Whose cousin is gree
With relative yellow
They, with yourself show the black world
A light bringing grays, flowing to color.
Riding high, like the sun,
You rise above the rim of your sleep

Growing greens, rejoice
A new day has broken, the sun now rides high.
In splendor above you, it gives out new life
Dispelling the cool, grey dew of night,
The black of indifferent sleep
Others living, disappear – no trace.

Night is nigh, all things now hide
The vicious are coming, the hunters arise
Once more the sun sets, taking with
The red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet
In a blaze of reflected glory
A victory won, and hope of new battle
Fought and won upon next rising

Golden glory set
Call forth the night,
The time of cool shades – grey, blue, and purple
Let the animals rest before once more calling
To see your splendor in the new rising sun


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