Love – The Different Kinds

Heart Of Hearts

Love, you can bruise it so easy
Caring and sharing, that’s where it starts
The different types of love,
The brotherly love – that’s you to me
No constraints, no ties to bind
You give what you want, nothing more is demanded

Love, it can tear with such force
Rending an individual blind
The familial love, that’s the hardest to leave
Gone bad at the start, but that’s easy to see
It gives with a person starting to grow,
No qualms about sharing the knowledge of life

Love it can form so easily
The love of two lovers, lifebonds full strength
On sight, first sight, and other sights as well
It rips and reform, it grows and it changes
You give and you take – it’s not a one way street

Love, inspired by many
The love of the country – the most expensive to have
It calls men to their death, yet still gives back freedom
I think that this love is the most costly of all
Not all the time, and not all at once
Many are given in defense of their loved ones

Love, forgotten in seconds
The least of the loves, this sits on the outskirts of feeling
This love of the unexpected, the strange
I know of this love, I know of its strength
Stronger in some, yet never too much
The want to be daring, these lovers of love

The last is the scariest – the love of the death
Some find it useful, others too gruesome
The find that this love drives them to dare
To go past their limits – to exceed their dreams
This love that catches us all in the end
This love of death, of oblivion

The others you have to grip
The other loves in order not to slide back
To this – the peace that has no beginning, yet will end very soon
I find such peace in the song of love – kindness and caring
Never has stopped
I find the song where the loves originate from
It is where I never want to be again

The loves, they pull and push in millions of directions
Not able to find one to follow individually
They each try to follow you
You try to follow them all.


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