Light Shadows

Misty Moonlit Night

Out of chaos born with a bang, into chaos remit with a swirl,
Ever fighting the ongoing battle
To grip the changing world, the disordered universe.
An ordered world has evolved systematically,
In a disordered, chaotic universe.

With the order came concepts –
Crime, hatred, violence
Sex, drugs, disorder, now forbidden subjects.
Soft-hearted, naive, they like not to hear such things.

Sush, they’re here, let’s keep things clean
By whose standard?  By whose right
Do we have to change the order?
What’s clean?  By whose standard do we live,
To face the new day’s chaotic dawning?

What of the futuristic views?
Crudeness, profanity gone to the past
Who judges?  When was judgement passed?
Was it final judgement?

The world rotates, each turning,
Bringing forth new kinds of evolution
Dinosaurs disappear, new beasts grow
To dominate the Earth, Man on top.

Where, then, is the usurper, the stronger entity
To steal his limelight, as he stole others?
Forcing his new order on the world, reordering nature’s
Stratified order, changing what happens when.

Skies fall, rain leaves,
Thunder rolls as new lights shine
Chaos behind, order in front
The damage shown in spotlights.

Of kindness and love, historical monuments.
Built to honor the dead achievers of Man’s Order.
Of countries and continents devolved
Back into chaos.

The light


Shadows grow to prominence once more.


Comments and questions welcome.

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