Maelstroms of Time

You sit and you schedule, you know what goes when and then where
You pin up your masterpiece, the pinnacle of your year
The day starts, the clock is ticking, everything runs smooth
Then comes the hiccup, the bump in the road

There goes the day’s schedule, everything goes flying into the air
That activity?  Nope, no time.
That must get done thing?  Yep, it’s gone too
Now you are scrambling to reclaim the serenity of a nicely planned day

Four time demanding events, each carefully planned
Now are four monsters, with blood on their hands
The blood of your schedule, shredded and now dead
With the rapids before you, the ones that you dread

Event one looms, and with a strong heave
You send it air born with hope and a prayer
The other three you face with a whip and a chair
Their claws and their teeth to beat back with a fight

Event two charges in, to claim all your attention
What was a ground swell is now a wave full of fury
You drop your chair, and pick up the shovel
Hoping to dig and muck out some of the mess

Event three laughs, and dances in to demolish
What little order you’ve built up and made nice and neat
The shovel is exchanged for a bucket and rope
You pray you can bail enough to keep hope

Event four rages on, now swirling around
Claiming everything you thought was on solid ground
Higher and faster it whirls with a shriek
To destroy your poor schedule you had for the week

And now in the aftermath, the chaos and muck
You stand with a sigh, and curse your foul luck.
Once more you begin to rebuild from the wreck
And all you can do is pray you succeed and can finish your projects


This one is dedicated to everyone who finds themselves on the back end of a time crunch with a demolished schedule and a sense of being overwhelmed as you try to pick up the pieces to start again.  Lately, I seem to be unorganized more often than not.  I swear my pukah have found the confetti maker, and the only paper they can reach is the one with my schedule on it.  Sooner, rather than later, I guess I’m going to have to start using an actual slate.  Then, all I have to worry about is having the schedule erased entirely.



Comments and questions welcome.

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