Pukah Works, Alterraden, and the Followers of Torments are going on tour!

Drum roll please!

The project that has had things in an absolute uproar of chaos around here is finally wrapping up.  The new website is up and running, content is releasing as it should, and the post series that I’ve split out into new blog sites are settling into place.

To celebrate, I’m taking the entire apparatus out on tour starting August 8th with Zora Marie’s website blog.  Several authors I’ve showcased here, either through the author interview series, or #YourNextFavorite author are pitching in to host a stop for me, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I get to talk about what the different sections of the site will feature, how the site came to be in it’s current configuration, and even let some of the characters in my series come out to play.

Will you help spread word about this fun event, and share the news around?  I’ll post the day things kick off with the first link, and each day after that I’ll be making a stop someplace new.  This is a chance to not only get to see all the nifty thing I’m adding, but also a chance to meet some outstanding, and fun authors as well.

This is your big invitation to join the fun, and come along for the ride.

Zora Marie (8/8) – The Pukah Works evolution
Ducky Smith (8/9) – The World of Alterraden
Assaph Mehr (8/10) – Nameless is interviewed
Kristan L. Cannon (8/11) – My interview
Aaron-Michael Hall (8/12) – Beslynx and Raonal are interviewed (2 stops that day on different blogs he runs)
Jena Baxter (8/13) – The Followers of Torments

I may have one more after Jena’s stop, but we’re still working out the details.  I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about the new site, and what I’m doing with it.


Comments and questions welcome.

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