Book Review: Innuendo (Pretentious 8)


Danny promised his dying father he would take care of the family, but a promise looks much different when someone is twelve than it does at sixteen. When his sister leaves for college, he realizes he’s trapped in his father’s dream. He runs the family restaurant with his mother and tucks his own dreams away, until he falls in love with Aryn, a girl in his chorus class.

In volume 8, Ashley’s invited her uncle to the graduation party Pretentious is going to play for. The band doesn’t know, Lance is the CEO for Sound Bytes Productions. Will the band take a contract, or wait for another opportunity to avoid Kevin?

Pretentious is a series of NA novellas that follow Danny and Aryn in their attempt to create a band and follow their dreams, while honoring Danny’s commitment to take care of his mother, a nurturing Italian woman everyone calls Mama, and his sister, Becky. It’s a story about family, commitment, love and the confusion of betrayal.






“Innuendo” picks up where “Night Lights” left off, and accelerates.  Jena continues to build the world that bands, band members, fans, fame, and fortune resides in through believable and authentic snippets.  There are several strands being woven together in such a short space, even after I finished, I’m amazed at just how much she managed to work in.

Though there are no new characters, the current cast continue to develop into more in depth characters with bit of history skillfully woven into the tapestry of this installment.  This is not a view of the world through rose-colored glasses, though the not-so-nice bits do shine a bright spotlight on the better side of personal integrity and what being a good person is.

The pace never felt rushed through this installment, and there wasn’t a moment of hesitation as the foundation for some future stories were carefully built.  It is going to be interesting to see what Jena does with this in future installments, and I’m looking forward to reading them.

Another well deserved 5 out of 5 stars for this one.  Keep up the excellent work!


If you enjoyed the review, and wish to pick up a copy of Innuendo, you can find it on Amazon here.  If you wish for me to read and review one of your works, please fill out the simple submission form on my Offered Services page and I’ll get back to you soonest to discuss details.


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