Book Review – The Lost Dragons


The Lost Dragons - Parts 1, 2 and 3: A Bedtime Dragon Adventure for Ages 4-8 and up! (Lix and Basta) by [Gilchrist, Mark A., Rathbone, Brian]


Dragons for Kids Ages 4-8 and up.

Looking for a bedtime adventure to share with your kids?
Join growing dragons, Lix and Basta, for an illustrated fantasy journey to save their color and avoid turning to stone. The young dragons become lost and learn they must work together to overcome obstacles even if they don’t always agree.





A wonderful book for children just being introduced to reading.  The wording is simple enough to allow them to understand, but it does not condescend them for their youth.  This book is specifically targeted to the 4 – 8 year old ages, yet even older readers can find a short bit of entertainment in it.

There are a few awkwardly turned phrases so the rhymes can continue, but these in no way deter from the story itself.  In fact, it makes it even more endearing.  The artwork is an interesting blend of cartoon cute and deceptively simple.  It does a wonderful job of supplementing the words, so the story is told through two media, not just one. There is a moral that weaves through the story, very subtly presented, yet powerful none the less.

Over all I rate this a 5 of 5 star children’s book.  Where were others like this when I was learning to read?  It is definitely more interesting that the old-fashioned “See Spot” books I grew up with!  If you, or your children enjoy tales of dragons or fantasy stories, this is definitely one to check out.  Brian Rathbone has done it again, this time for the youngest readers.


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