Reboot and reset

After having my schedule decide to give me the “blue screen of death” I’m slowly picking up the pieces and trying to put them back in place.  Along the way, I’m also rumbling around in the depths of my old posts and updating everything to try to give it a bit more of a unified feel.

I’ve had several ask me about the author interviews – those ARE still on the schedule, I promise!  It’s taking longer than I anticipated to get them formatted and ready to share to the general public.  (For those who are waiting, please forgive the horrible delay – life didn’t just kick me in the shins, it flat out pulled the rug out from under my feet and tried to attack with a buzz saw at the knees.)

I’ve posted here previously regarding the new format – the posts will be a little more focused, though still tied into the general theme that has evolved since I first started.  There’s now two other places to find posts – though I did try to make sure everything cross-linked properly.  For a general overview of what’s posting, you’ll need to visit the core “Home” of the network.  I know for certain that everything feeds into Alterraden even the Tumblr feed.  From there, you’ll be able to access the specific posts on any of the various pieces of the site.  And, I do mean pieces.  It was honestly the only way to ensure all the series I’ve got running had a chance for visibility.

That is the main reason for the massive delay, and what I’m hinting at with the comment of a “reboot.”  The reset is that I’m still only one person doing the job of about 4, and I’m trying to get all the pieces back in the air where they belong.  If you’ve stopped by recently, you’ll notice that the read and review list has been updated – I’m trying to work that down, so hopefully there will be some new reviews starting to stream out before long.

I do have some help from the Pukah Dreamers.  They are wandering through most of my old posts for me, and checking to make sure the ones that need links have them (and reporting back which ones don’t), and so some of the older posts will be finding their way back up to the top of the list as I finish updating and adding in links that need to be included.

And, just to show how much fun it’s been running a 10 actor show as the only pukah in the bunch, here’s the rest of the list that should be (and likely won’t be) finished by the end of the month:

  • Here at the Home Office:
    • Author and character interviews will be formatted, and sent out to the respective authors for proofing and updating.  (Many of these have been in the cue for almost a full year, so I’m sure there’s outdated information in them now.)
    • At least 3 more posts to go with the platforming series – not so much about reaching out, more about tools that can help make managing your time a little easier
    • Making sure that all the reviews completed to date get sent out to Amazon and GoodReads – I know I’m at least 8 behind, possibly more.
  • Over on the Followers of Torments section:
    • I’m still working on building the “Behind the Scenes” series for Remember the Shadows
    • Updating the posts I have for Into the Sunlits – thanks to the 2014 NaNoWriMo challenge, I have most of that “Behind the Scenes” series done, I just want to clean it up a little so it fits with the general feel, rather than the rambling mess it is now.
  • On the Alterraden section:
    • Finish assembling the information on the important places
    • Finish scheduling the important character posts
    • Figure out how to set up and add in the “Thank You” section – more information will be posted there as I figure out how to do what I want, so stay tuned.

So, as you can see, there’s a serious reboot in the works.



Comments and questions welcome.

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