Book Review: Animal Mothers! A Planet Discovery Book for Kids

Animal Mothers!: A Planet Discovery Book for Kids (Planet Discovery Books for Kids 5) by [Taylor, Matthew]


Special Review Pricing! Just .99! Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter what your mom looks like – you’re pretty sure that she’ll love and protect you no matter what. In the animal kingdom, it makes a big difference who you mother is. Some moms literally let their children eat them alive. While others leave their children to fend for themselves if they get sick or injured. Animal Mothers! takes a look at the best and worst mothers in the animal kingdom. Baby pandas are cute and cuddly, right? Well, their mother may not think so – find out what she does when she has more than one mouth to feed. Want to know what Octopus moms do with all those arms besides give great hugs? Wonder who’s the laziest and most selfish mom? What about the vampire mothers – do you know who they are? Author Matthew Taylor explores these fun facts and more in Animal Mothers!, his latest book in the Planet Discovery Books for Kids series Great for Mother’s Day reading or anytime!
Other books in the Planet Discovery Books for Kids series include Snakes Alive!, Rabbits!, Reindeer!, and Leprechaun!






Though written for young children (pre-school and early grade school ages), this book has a unique design.  Rather than progress from worst to best, or vice versa, it bounces back and fourth to alternate the good and bad.  As an adult sitting down the read through it in one setting, I found this confusing.  However, I can see the benefit if you are reading through this with a young child.  It lets you present the animal moms in pairs – one good, one bad – in a short amount of time to keep the youngster from becoming bored.

The information seemed solid, and I will freely admit I didn’t go running out to look up every bit.  The pieces I recognized from the years I’ve enjoyed National Geographic shows in my own youth, and Animal Planet more recently resonated with what I remembered.  There isn’t a story, really.  A comment about the parent – good mom/ bad mom – and a brief explanation why Matthew ranked them the way he did.

As an early teaching aid, I can see this book being a great tool.  As a just sit down to read, reading material it doesn’t rank quite so high.  As such, I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars as a teaching aid, but only a 2 out of 5 stars as a reader.  It’s not your typical dry text book (Then again, I’m not sure you could get a kid now days to sit down and read what I consider a typical text book), but it does convey the information in a unique way that should help kids stay engaged, and encourage them to investigate further.


If you are curious and wish to read a sample, or purchase this book, it is available on Amazon here.  Happy reading everyone!


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