#YourNextFavoriteAuthor 10/10/2016 Writing Prompt-Innocence

When did innocence become synonymous with childlike or naïve?

I think innocence became synonymous when people started forgetting there’s many ways to be innocent outside of childhood.  Even though the current connotations align with purity and simplicity (such as an innocent time), it also implies a lack of corruption due to knowledge and forced actions.  It’s the last bit that really drives the connections between the three words, in my opinion.

Excerpt from “Keep this in Mind” which shows a different side to “innocent”.  Nameless is not a nice man – he was never intended to be.  However, he IS innocent in his own way.


“What happened?”  Nameless asked.  He clung to one of the few remaining saplings in the valley, looking over the signs of a well established camp.

“Master you are awake.”  Akantheldama stated the obvious quietly.

“Alpha!  You live,” Raonal chorused.

“It is good to see you have decided to give me a chance, sir.”  Beslynx said, dropping her head to hide her emotions.

Celecanepo wailed once more, the bundle of feathers contracting once, before she exploded to her feet.  “No!  No, you will NOT do that!”

Nameless, Raonal, and Akantheldama stared at the Guardian with varying expressions of puzzlement.  Beslynx glanced at the Guardian, then turned to stare at Nameless, her tears forgotten.

“Balance is not returning to that vileness.  Balance is making your own path in life.”

“Testing She is.  Test pass I.  Prove Her deserve.  Many honor, glory much Hers give I.  Move!”

With no other warning, Nameless drive his four slaves ahead of him into a hard run towards the other end of the pass.  He neither knew nor cared where he was.  The one overwhelming thought was that he must find more potentials, so he could return home and prove his worth to the Web Mother.


This post is a mirror to my reply on the original post.


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