#YourNextFavoriteAuthor 2016 spotlights for June

06/02  Seven Steps

I write action packed, thrilling novels that the whole family can enjoy.

06/07  Assaph Mehr

Favorably compared to Butcher, Gabaldon, and Abercombie – a rich and detailed Historical Fantasy!

06/09  David Finn

My whole goal as a writer is to tell an action packed adventure story with plenty of great character moments and epic story arcs ! I want readers to experience the same thrill reading Demorn’s blood-soaked adventures in The Asanti Series that I felt the first time I read Conan the Barbarian’s classic sword and sorcery tales, or that delicious fear that flooded my heart when Bane broke Batman’s back in the comics! I want readers to feel her joy, her power, her fear and her loss, inside a vibrant fantasy world.

06/11 Sanna Hines

Myth meets modern world. Action, adventure and characters to cheer. #YNFA

06/14  Alvin Atwater

Fragment in particular will reveal to you a boy who stands tall among the gods. His evolution from boy to feared is just one thing. But as being a series, you’ll truly get to see his downfall, and second uprising.

06/16  Jenna Whittaker

Because I strive to write interesting, unique, and well-written novels—like every aspiring author!—and I hope I have succeeded! I like to take an idea and put a strange twist on it, and use the alien worlds in my imagination to flesh out my stories. Most of my story ideas have actually originated from dreams that I write down, and then go from there.


06/18  Adriaan Brae

If you’re looking for well crafted diverse characters, unique ideas, and plots that don’t go where you’d expect, I could be your next favourite author.

06/21  Rosalie Redd

I love the mystery of ancient societies—when civilizations existed before written history. There are ruins all over Earth that have similarities in structure and construction, yet are thousands of miles apart. Who built these structures? How did these people live? What happened to them? I’ve often wondered what life in these ancient civilizations was like. I thought, what if I wrote a love story about a couple that came from one of these ancient societies?

06/23  Christie M. Stenzel

Award-winning author Christie M. Stenzel’s goal is to write books that entertain readers and take them away from the tribulations of life!

06/28 Will Greenway

A non-pretentious writer who writes action fantasy that goes where literary and classic fantasy fear to tread.

06/30 Thomas Cardin

I create unique fantasy and action stories with deeply dimensional characters that deconstruct the hero myth.

You can find more author spotlights on Your Next Favorite Author’s blog.  There’s also answers to questions posted by the authors, questions Lucinda has asked us, writing prompts, and excerpts from different author’s work in progress files.  It’s a great way to discover your next favorite author.



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