Reviews – General Update

I’m finally to a point where life’s behaving again (mostly) and I have a chance to catch up with many of my promised read/reviews.  As such, expect to see multiple review posts popping up throughout the week, rather than only on Tuesdays.  I’m also working on catching up with a couple of other prompted post series.  Once I’m a bit closer to current, the normal schedule will resume, with a return to my normal post series.

Please do not forget that some of the series have permanently moved.

Behind the Scenes (normally posting on Wednesday) have move to the Followers of Torments pages.

General book news, and world building (Normally posting on Mondays) has moved to the Alterraden pages

The Special Events page in The Home Office will be changing a little as well.  Instead of mostly online events, I’m hoping to be posting information about places where you can have a chance to meet and greet fellow authors, as well as weekly times to meet and chat online.  (Updates coming soon)


Comments and questions welcome.

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