Down Time

Due to an unforeseen technical meltdown, I am having to rebuild 2/3 of my site from the ground up (including a ton of content).  Because of this, I am going to be off the air for at least a month.  There are still a few more reviews that I’ve managed to write that are scheduled, but after that it may be a while before I can get everything back on track.


On the plus side – I get to streamline a few things that weren’t quite working as smoothly as I wanted them to before, and clean up the overall appearance of the front page for Pukah Works.

The down side… yeah, I’ve already said it.  It’s going to take me a while to get everything cleaned up and back on line.

One of these days I hope the gremlins that have been playing with me remember they’re really pukah, and decide to be helpful instead of destructive.


Thank you everyone for waiting while I duck behind the curtain to discover where my wizard went.


Comments and questions welcome.

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