Platform Building Tool One


Just about anyone who puts a product up for sale now days needs to have a social media presence, or “Platform”, if they expect to make any sales.  Almost all the literature agrees that while you can succeed with the shotgun approach, scattering your marketing efforts across all the platforms available, it is usually wisest to limit what platforms you are using to the best two or three for you.

For those here in the blogosphere of WordPress, you’ve already established (or are in the process of establishing) one area of your platform.  The other two common sense, quick start areas are Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll get into why in a later post.  This one, I wanted to dedicate to the gentleman who helped break Twitter down enough I could wrap my head around it:  Nat Russo.

Twitter Icon - a frienemie worth getting to know better.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Twitter icon. Something some loath, others fear, and the rest love.


When I saw his article title Here about this subject with the hint of a thorough walk through in how to make twitter more understandable, I jumped on it.  Several years later, I’m still gnawing on the information, and trying to digest all of it.  Since I found this article so helpful, I thought it would be wonderful to share with everyone else who may be in the same boat I was initially in.

Once again, this is not my information.  Nat Russo is the one behind this particular brand of magic.  If you are struggling to understand twitter, then I cannot recommend his sight enough.  Seriously, go check out his Series Articles page, and settle in with something to take notes with, and some time.  Really, really good information!  There’s some other series that are well worth reading as well.  Why not go take a peek while you’re there?


Comments and questions welcome.

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