Promotion Opportunity

Now that things have started streamlining a bit, and I’m finally able to think about when posts are going out, I’d like to offer everyone an opportunity to get a little extra exposure.  This goes for bloggers and authors alike.

What I am offering is to host a guest post for you.  These will be scheduled in with my normal posts to help ensure they receive the maximum exposure.  Once the post runs on the blog, I will run it the following week on Twitter to help increase the exposure to even more eyes.

I do this free of charge, only asking that after your post runs you help share it around your social network as well.  The helps create a win/win scenario for both.

The rules are very simple:

  • If it is not Science Fiction and Fantasy related, I reserve the right to decline the promotion.
  • Keep any graphics you are including PG 13
  • Include a maximum of 12 requested tags
  • If the promotion is for an event, please provide the dates of the event so I know when to post and run your article
  • Provide contact information (social media links) to be included in your promotion
  • When submitting a promotion, send it in text or .doc format.  You may send the graphics as a link, or as an attachment.  Do not embed them in the document (though, if you need a specific graphic in a specific spot, please note that in the document so I can position the graphics properly).  Do NOT send an HTML file or embedded images – this will cause your promotion to be denied.
  • Send requests to blogservices @ pukahworks (dot) com

When I receive your request, I will email to confirm the receipt, and to send you a proof link.  After you have ensured no changes are needed, I will get the post set up in the schedule and send you both the date your post will go live, long with the post link to share around.  The link will be inactive until 12:01 AM US CST!

If the promotion is for an event, it will also post to the Special Events page until the day after the event.  At that time, the post will be pulled down.


I look forward to helping others, and paying forward the help I received when I first started out.


8 thoughts on “Promotion Opportunity

    • On the book-related side: Excerpts, cover reveals, if you’ve got a signing in the works, Facebook Events, promotion posts. For non-related promotional posts – marketing, world building (or other story-building, but non-book background) posts.

      For posts to help bloggers – who you are and where you blog, along with what you blog about.

      Prefer to keep it in the Sci-fi and fantasy themes, though am willing to dive into just about anything but erotica or steamy romance – that’s one area I just have trouble with personally.

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