—– Christy Smith’s John McDougal Visits with the Pukah


Forever and Always tells of the ups and downs of the freshly discovered love of a young couple, Patricia Heifelmeyer and John McDougal, at the end of the Civil War. The location of the book is New Orleans Parish, the year of our Lord 1864. Author Christy Smith has delivered a love story that will keep you asking for more!




Welcome back for another fun character interview.  Today, Christy Smith is returning, and has brought one of the main characters from her book Forever and Always.  Christy, why don’t you introduce us to this interesting gentleman?

  • [This is] John McDougal

Welcome to Pukah Works Mr. McDougal.  Do you have another name you wish to be called?

  • [No]

Mr. McDougal, it is then.  May I ask where you were born, sir?

  • Elgin, Scotland

By any chance do you have any enemies, or people you would like to see their activities stopped?

  • I hate speaking of enemies. I try to love everyone but with this war going on, I’d say the people I have to fight with. War is such a bloody affair!

I would have to agree with you there.  And, if you felt any other way, I’d wonder if you were even human.

  • I am very human

Forgive me for casting doubt on that fact.  As you’ve mentioned fighting a war, does that mean you have allies, or is this a personal war?

  • [I have allies.  They are] President Lincoln, Ethan Kilkesen  Klaus Heifelmeyer, and Trisha, of course.

That’s an impressive list.  What would you do if one of these fine folk insulted you, though?

  • I would sit down with them and speak of it. I’m sure they meant no harm.

An amazing feat, to be sure.  I haven’t met many who wouldn’t be at least a little upset.

Since you’ve mentioned having President Lincoln as an ally, I’m sure you’ve a few secrets.  Any that you can share?

  • Aside from my work on the homestead, I work for President Lincoln, in secret.


That’s definitely a big one.  I think I’ll let you get back to work, Mr. McDougal.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Christy, thank you for returning, and bringing Mr. McDougal with you.

I have already read Forever and Always and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romance.  If you would like to read the review, head over Here.  If you would like to read the story yourself, you can find it on Amazon Here.


If you enjoyed the interview, and wish to connect with Christy, you can find her on her Website, BlogLinkedInTwitter, or Facebook.  She also welcomes E-mail contact as well.



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