Through the Mirror × 434 Mirror: Transgender Self by Mermann87

I see the mirror on the wall
I see it there, standing tall
I look in side for what I see
I see you I see me

I see you through that looking glass
A friend, a foe, well met at last
I see your soul
It’s dark and bleak
I see you all, do you see me?

That soul you say will never be
Healthy, hale, wild and free
I see the soul, it’s been hurt and beat
I see the soul, it’s always free

I see you staring out of that portal there

Mirror Stand | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Mirror Stand

I see the dark, I see the fair
The soul that’s had such a hard run
A soul that’s forgotten what’s fun
I see the soul who’s standing there
A soul to know, a soul to share.

What do you see before you now
Someone you want to meet, a pal?

So glad we talked, this reflection of me
A chance to know, a chance to see
What demons ride your spirit speak
What angels now your soul to keep
So glad I saw you, you see me.


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