—– Yvette Returns with Ar’ch

Sunday, we talked with Yvette Calliero and got to know her a little better.  Today, she has returned and brought a guest with her.  This is Ar’ch, from The One Discovered, The One Enlightened, The One Betrayed, and The One Revealed.



Ar’ch, forgive me if I am asking a personal question.  Yvette mentioned that you were not human.  How would you classify yourself?  Do you have any special skills, talents, or gifts?

  • I am a Diasodz.  When God created humans, the Goddess created Diasodz to live side by side with the humans to heal and protect them.  We live our first eighteen years as humans to appreciate all of their struggles, but around our eighteenth birthday, we experience our death day where our human soul transforms into that of a Diasodz.  Depending on our heritage and the Goddess’ blessings, we are given certain skills that enable us to better protect and heal the humans.  For example, I have an affinity for air.  I am able to manipulate all forms of air as well as control the weather.  I can also enter the minds of others via their thoughts and their dreams.

Are humans your enemies then?

  • Our main enemies are the Raizens.  They are Diasodz who have chosen to follow Lucifer’s beliefs instead of our God and Goddess, and their sole purpose is to bring chaos to both worlds.  They are led by Lucifer’s king and queen, both of whom are allowed to keep their Diasodz bodies and powers.  The other Diasodz are transformed into demons (if they are powerful Diasodz) or deminions (if they are lesser Diasodz).  The Raizens give up their free will in order to fight for Lucifer’s cause.  As Diasodz, it is our job to make sure that they do not harm humans or other Diasodz in the process.

Did you grow up on Earth, or someplace else?

  • I grew up in Caelagios (Kay – lah – jee – ose).  Because we age more slowly than humans (one year for every ten of their years), the Goddess created a world where we could go when we felt the need to let time on Earth pass.  Unfortunately, after we fell from Her grace, most Diasodz chose to stay in this world.  My whole life has been in Caelagios (except for when I went to Earth to find Sofia).  For the most part, it mimics Earth; we didn’t want to lose touch with the ways of humans.  Our world just has a few perks. (smiles)  Plus, we are free to use our skills without worrying about a human seeing us because they can never enter our world.

Last question.  Do you have a particular achievement that brings you pride in yourself, or in your accomplishments?

  • I am most proud of being chosen by the Elders to go to Earth with my brother, Angel, to retrieve the one who will save our kind from fading away.  Our oracle prophesied that our savior was living on Earth and that she alone would be able to return our powers and help us earn our Goddess’ forgiveness for abandoning Her.  That they have that much confidence in me and that they would bestow that honor on me truly makes me proud.  I just wish that Sofia wasn’t as beautiful as she is because I’m having a very difficult time keeping this mission professional, and the Elders are the last people to have mad at you.  Then again, once my mission is complete and Sofia is safely in our world, there isn’t any reason why I can’t enjoy her company. (winks and smiles his devious smile)

To learn more about Ar’ch, you can find his story on Amazon:


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