07-12 Memo

Late last night I was trying to finish setting up next week’s promotional run, which means I needed to get excerpts from here over to the Alterraden segment to feed the queue.

I’m still trying to find a streamlined method of doing this, which is what led to the series of post notices to my e-mail followers that now lead to bad links. I though when I reblogged the articles I wanted to move, they were posting on the correct segment. Instead, they were copying right back to the Home Office as life posts.

I realized this around reblog attempt 11 or 12. Within a half hour I had deleted the duplicates, unfortunately that meant all the notices had already gone out and were now dead links. I do apologize to everyone for the accidental “flood” – I do my best to keep those as few and far between as possible.


Comments and questions welcome.

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