—– David Kelly’s Hector Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Welcome back David.  Who did you bring with you today?

  • Hector Tren-Hump

Welcome Hector.  Do you have a nickname you would prefer to be called?

  • The Axe Man. It was given to me by people who worked for companies I consulted with. They mistakenly saw my actions purely in terms of job losses and not overall effectiveness and efficiency.

How would you classify yourself?  Human, cyborg, something else?

  • I’m human. Hmmmm Actually I’m not anymore; I’m a Select Mortizen maintained as a digital entity by LifePlus Inc.

Can you define your influence in the world as good or bad?

  • I’m a force for good. I help companies optimize their operations to become more profitable and effective in the business market. Commerce is the cornerstone of civilization and without it we’d all still be crawling in the mud.

Are you someone able to work with a team under stressful conditions?

  • I’m really a very caring person – warm and gentle
  • I’m successful and that breeds resentment in many people. That’s their problem though, not mine.
  • Pressure is for wimps and losers. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t light a fire.

Do you have any enemies you would like to see stopped in their tracks?

  • I outclassed all my rivals when I was alive so I had no competition. Of course, there’s always the stupid nannying liberals in the government. They always want to get in the way of anyone who’s successful in business – until you line their pockets, and then it’s a different story of course. More recently? Well there’s this big guy with a whip…

Do you have any friends or allies?

  • Allies come and go as you need them. Sometimes it’s beneficial to team up with others temporarily.

If you could change anything, what would you choose?

  • Well, I’d always like to be richer and have more power, though admittedly that would be pretty difficult right now.
  • I’d like my Elite LifePlus Select existence that I paid a lot of money for.

How do you handle complements and insults?

  • Complements: I’d mark them (the one offering?  yes) down as someone to watch… very suspicious.
  • Insults: Let them shout all the insults they want – I’m still the man with the money.

Can you tell us about your family?

  • My parents were stupid and never amounted to anything. My Father was a travelling salesman who always let sentimentality get in the way of making money and my mother was a mousey thing that just put up with him.
  • I have a brother and a sister, both of them worth next to nothing.

What do you enjoy doing for a living?

  • My occupation is “rich” or it was, and what’s not to like?

Has this affected your thoughts on marriage or being engaged?

  • Yes.  If I did it would have to be someone who appreciated me as a whole, not just someone after my money. After four marriages you get to know just what’s valuable and what isn’t.

Do you have any big, dark secrets?

  • I don’t think my daughter is legitimate.

Can you tell us any of your big, deep-seated fears?

  • Being hibernated – never again…

Lets see if we can end on a happier note.  What was your crowning achievement?

  • I’m proud of my accomplishments in business and all of the profits I made for myself and shareholders of the companies I was involved with.

Definitely a business man.

David, Hector, thank you so much for coming in.

Hector, it has been fun talking with you, but I won’t hold you any longer from your other appointments.  I appreciate your coming in, and wish you all the best.

If anyone is interested in reading David’s work in preparation of the July release of Dead Reckoning in July, you can find
David Kelly on amazon

or on his website at davidmkelly.net


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