Book Review: The Legacy – Fate

 LX (or Alex for us Earthlings) is a Navigator. From the moment of his birth until he became of age, he prepared for his calling. On a routine exploration mission that shouldn’t have taken more than a few months, an incident propels his spaceship light-years away from his destination, leaving him stranded on the third planet from a star called Sol.

The laws of survival are strict; he must not fraternize with the natives. However, an encounter with Mellie changes everything. She has speed and strength unknown to Earthlings yet strangely similar to his own species. This new discovery compels him to learn more about her and those who call themselves vampires. For her, he will break rules, his people’s rules, until there is no turning back.

Meanwhile, mysterious storms are devastating cities. When they learn of their origin and the humans fail to see the threat, he, and his new friends, might be their only chance, but to save them and the one he loves, he may have to break his primary Oath: the vow never to take a life.


This is a massively overdue read/review, and I’d like to take a chance to extend my sincere apologies to GG Atcheson for the delay.


World Building

  • Reading through the story, there were many times I felt as if I were walking through the tale, rather than just picking up the words from a page.  In between those times, I was lost in admiration for the rich tapestry GG wove with the blend of natural and medical facility.  Part of the world she builds up one delightful layer at a time is the physical world, another part is the political world, and yet another part is the internal world.  Each layer added is a delightful addition to the ones that come before, and add a vibrant texture for the story to exist within.

Character Development

  • From the first words, the characters begin to develop into their own people.  There are a few places where things become a touch too stilted for the main character, but that is more from a well developed lack of knowledge how English is spoken in the modern world than a fault in the writing.  GG does a wonderful job presenting Alex’ trouble with modern English without making the story hard to follow.The growth of the characters has a natural ebb and flow, with some of the support cast providing their own humor relief.  Even with the “other side” there’s a nice organic growth, though the motivations aren’t quite as clearly defined (and considering the little you DO learn about them, I’m not sure I’d WANT to have those motivations more defined.)There’s also a few unexpected twists and quirks to the development as well.  Won’t say too much more, or I’d likely wind up adding in spoilers – can’t have that, now, can we?


  • The pace of the story is spot on.  Even with the touch of fantasy included (it can also be explained as ESP if you just can’t stand the thought of fantasy in a sci-fi book) the organic feel to the story keeps the pages turning and the interest high.  Personally, I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Atcheson’s work, but I’m going to have to remember to start earlier in the evening – these aren’t long (for me), but if I don’t get an early start, I wind up being up much too late because I can’t put them down.

Overall score?  If you guessed 5 of 5 paws from this pukah, you’d be right.  GG Atcheson managed to hit the main writing elements perfectly for me, and do it in a wondrously new twist on an often overworked character type.  Nicely done!  (Now, where’d I bury that other book?)


If you’re intrigued by the review, and would like to pick up a copy of Legacy: Fate you can find it Here over on Amazon.


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