Wolfgang Schimanski Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

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Welcome back to our Author Interview series.  Today we’ve got Wolfgang…

Wolf, please.

::Smiles::  Wolf Schimanski with us.  This is another wonderful author I met through Facebook, and have gotten to know a little before the interview.  When we have new posts, brags, or milestones to celebrate, he is one of the first to jump in and help spread the word.  Someone who I believe lives by the rule of “put others first, and all shall rise.”

With that, let’s dive in, and see what other gems of wisdom Wolf has for us today.

Wolf, do you mind sharing some about yourself and your family?

  • I graduated high school, did some college and went to work into various IT, Management and Finance careers. I am married and have a terrific wife Terri, a wonderful daughter Sandra and a cute as a button granddaughter named Taelynn.
  • Originally Germany but have lived in Canada since I was 8 years old and have been a Canadian citizen for many years.

Do you remember what started you writing initially?

  • Probably in high school when my friends and I all worked for a local current events and music paper. I knew then I had some talent for writing but never really utilized it until many years later.
  • I started writing just around the time I was downsized from my career and have done it ever since. I love to read thrillers and have read them all my life and one day decided that I can do this too. I took a correspondence course to learn the basics and I was off to the races and my first book “Meter of Deception” came out in 2011. I always asked myself, “What would I like to read that has not been published yet?” and that is how my “Meter” series was born.

Was the unexpected shift in employment what inspired you to start writing again?

  • I was inspired from the Masters of my genre such as James Patterson, John Sandford, Greg Iles and the late but great Robert B. Parker. When you read them you can be nothing but motivated, inspired and definitely thrilled.
  • Not sure if I consider myself a writer or more than a fan of the action/thriller genre that I love so much that I have to contribute.

It sounds like you enjoy thinking “outside the box”.  Does this affect the style in which you write?

  • I believe I write scintillating page turners that keep the readers on the edge of their seats not wanting to put the books down, dying to find out what happens next. And from the feedback I have received so far, my readers totally agree.

Strong feedback always is a good indicator that you’ve found a solid group of fans.  Do you have anything from your newest project that you want to share?

  • My latest action/thriller novel “Meter of Corruption” is gaining followers all over the world from North America, to the U.K., Europe and even Australia. I am working with a great group of same minded authors who are helping each other promote our work as well as being in a number of local library systems, member of our London, Ontario writers group as well as having my books sold in a few Ontario, Canada book stores.
  • [I am also] completing and publishing the final chapter in my “Meter” series titled “Meter of Redemption”. And promotion, upcoming book signings, and reading and reviewing more books by authors trying to get their message out just like I am trying to do mine.
  • I can tell you that “Meter of Redemption” will wrap up the “Meter” series and our beleaguered characters will get the redemption they deserve. But you’ll have to read all the books including the new one to get more details.  It should be out sometime in 2016 hopefully.Is there anything you find particular challenging in your writing?Really the editing and re-editing. That part is tedious and frustrating. It helps as my wife Teri is my editor as well so I do not have to go it alone.Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

    Right now it is the incredible “Greg Iles” who I have already mentioned above. His writing is so detailed, descriptive and from the heart. His villains are evil beyond belief; his characters almost jump out of his books at you.  I love how he bases his books out of his home area of Natchez, Mississippi. You can almost taste the air, feel the history and the lives of the people there. One of the Masters of my genre.

Do you have a particular method you like to use in selecting your titles?

  • “Meter of Corruption” is the second of a trilogy of three. First came Deception, then Corruption and finally Redemption which I am currently working on. The “Meter” theme is pace related as Meters never stop ticking.

Sounds like you write with a purpose.  Is there a message hidden in your work?

  • Absolutely. Pure unadulterated, adrenaline entertainment with all the action, thrills, chills, with some sex and humor mixed in for good measure is the way I would describe my books.

Do you draw from real experiences for your writing?

  • I take a bit away from every book I read or movie I have seen, from stories shared over the water cooler, everyday life, but most of all my own vivid imagination.
  • It is a work of fiction and all the disclaimers that come with that. However when you look at what is going on in the big cities these days, one can probably find some exaggerated parallels in my novels.

Have any books influenced your writing and the way you present your ideas?

  • Not down to a specific title but again books by authors such as James Patterson, Greg Iles, John Sandford, Robert B. Parker and of course Stephen King, john Grisham and many others.  The last book I read and reviewed by Greg Iles called “Natchez Burning” had a writing style and incredible passion I constantly am striving for.

Do you have any authors you consider mentors, even if you haven’t met them?

  • Definitely Greg Iles, the incredible author from Natchez, Mississippi. I turns out we have some things in common as well such as being guitar players, coming from Germany, etc. etc.

Have any of these influenced how you designed your covers, or did you work with a professional cover designer?

  • Originally my wife and I [designed the covers] but then we work with a great graphics design company out of Perth Ontario, Images Inter Alia, who really make the magic happen. And then our publisher Createspace puts it all together for us.

Have you encountered any new authors that captured your interest?

  • Sure, Suzi Albracht with her “Devil’s Lieutenant”, Elizabeth Newton with her “View from the 6th Floor” Benedict Martin with “Charlie Robot”, Dave Adair with “ Random Lucidity” Glen Berrara’s “The Assassin who could not Dance” and of course “Oursourced” by Eric Gates. All great authors who have written diverse and interesting novels.

Are you limiting your reading to just your author group, or do you have others underway as well?

  • Some books from authors that belong to the Books Go Social worldwide authors and readers group that I am a member of as well. I have read and reviewed about 10 novels by this group and am now reading Aria: Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder, a story about Alien Luggage left behind and the repercussions that occur as a result.

In your writing so far, have you had anyone outside of your immediate family who has provided support for your efforts?

  • One of my oldest friends, Ted Yates, who was in radio for years and is now a renowned author in his own right of three terrific Rock and Roll Trivia books covering the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s has been supportive and inspirational since I began to write. Check him out at tedyates.ca.

Have you made writing your permanent career, or are you still working toward that day?

  • I see it as a passion and something I really enjoy. A career… maybe someday down the road when the “Meter” series becomes a household name.  Chuckle…

I take there have been a few difficulties that you have had to over come, and lessons learned then.  Do you have any you’d care to share with us?

  • To ensure I put aside time to write before getting caught up in all the other activities that go with it.
  • That I am progressing and not to make the same mistakes as in my earlier work. And that third one is really going to rock…

Is there anything you’d have changed if you knew at the start of this journey what you know now?

  • Maybe do another run through of editing; you can just never catch all the little quirky errors.

From your experiences, do you have any words of wisdom to pass along?

  • Stay true to your heart and read the Masters of your genre and learn from them. And write, write and write some more. And read, read and keep reading.

A wonderfully powerful message for any author.

Do you have anything specific you’d like to say to your readers?

  • Thank you from my heart for all your support. I do what I do for you, the great readers of the best genre out there, the action/thriller. Stay with me, the best is yet to come and if you have not discovered me as yet, I invite you to read the “Meter” series, the series that James Patterson did not write, because I did.

The torch has to pass sometime, Wolf, and I think this one has safely passed into your capable hands.

That wraps up this week’s Author Interview.  Thank you all for coming.  If you would like to find out more about Wolf’s books, or just connect with him, you can find him on Amazon, Twitter, and on Facebook.

  • I do not have a blog as yet, still weighing the merits of such a venture.

Don’t forget, Sunday we’ve got another interview lined up for you again.  This time, it’s Wolf’s Mikhail from the “Meter” series.



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