—– Wolfgang Schimanski’s Mikhail Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Jon-Erik, Joey, Angel, and Tina have been through some severe tough times together, and they’ve made it through to the other side. But just as things are finally calming down and starting to go smoothly for them, chaos reenters their lives, and it threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. This highly anticipated sequel to author Wolf Schimanski’s debut novel Meter of Deception finds the fearless foursome comfortably settled into a domestic paradise. Jon-Erik and Angel as well as Joey and Tina have settled down and are engaged to be married, and the men are working together as partners in Joey’s family furniture business. But corporate shark Richard Rasmussin has his sights set on their business, and he’s determined to swallow it whole. A ruthless, underhanded, crooked man, he’ll stop at nothing until he takes hold of the business, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that no one interferes with his larger, wide-sweeping wicked schemes. Can these four friends muster up the courage and skill to survive Rasmussin’s attacks? Or will they fall victim to corruption, depravity, and danger that is unprecedented even for them? The second installment in the Meter trilogy, Meter of Corruption, follows the protagonists as they battle to protect their lives and livelihoods from the sinister web that threatens to suffocate them. Full of non-stop action, unexpected plot twists, and spine-tingling revelations, this page-turner spans wayward and exotic locations, such as Jamaica and Russia, and delves into an underworld so dark and diabolical it’ll leave you at a loss for words.

Welcome back, Wolf.  Thanks for stopping by again today.  Who do you have with you?

  • Mikhail.

Is there a last name, by any chance?

  • No last name at least none I remember.

Mikhail, do you have any nicknames that you prefer?

  • I have many nicknames. Ninja, Monster, Shape shifter, Dispatcher of Souls.  I am called these as that is what I do and I do it better than anyone else in this world. Do not test me… or I will show you!

Those are some powerful names.  Did you get them because you are something other than human?

  • I am human but I have evolved beyond the boring gnats that are human. I am a Predator of the highest order and none can stand in my way.  I am an expert in most martial arts out there, have mastered the forbidden art of Ninjitzu making me a master of all weaponry, hand to hand combat, deception, disguise, impersonation , concealment and so much more. But my skills have evolved to the point of mind-reading and invisibility. I am the one that cannot be vanquished.

Were you born someplace that gave you access to such training?

  • [I was born] in the back alleys of Moscow, Russia some thirty five years ago.
  • The cold and dank alleys of Moscow are where I learned my trade. Rats and stray dogs slunk from my shadow. Anyone who got in my way was eliminated. I became the whisper in the wind that no one wanted to talk about. And if they did they were silenced forever.

Do you have any family or people from your past whom you’d like to visit again?

  • None that I know of. If I did I might have killed them if they got in my way.
  • Only cold, hardship and living on the streets and the back alleys of Moscow until my instructor took me in and taught me Ninjitzu. I killed him in a fight to prove I was better than him and threw him off a rooftop into a litter strewn alley.  He was of no further use to me.

Did your early years affect how you see yourself, and your personality?

  • I have no time for that. I eat, drink, practice my skills and execute those that I am paid to. And sometimes those who get in my way or just annoy me like the gnats they really are.
  • I do not care about good or bad. I only care about who I am going to eliminate next and for how much. I would destroy anything in my path but after meeting Angel who I am sworn to protect, maybe I am getting a little softer. Or maybe not….

What profession did you go into that requires such dedication?

  • I am the best and highest paid contract killer in the world. It is all I know and all I do.

I’m guessing then, that you do not get along well with others then.

  • I do not need others. Only myself. But I am sworn to protect Angel so I grudgingly get along with her friends although I do not have much patience for them.  And my pilot Joseph who has been on missions with me in the past. I let him live as he is useful to me.

Doesn’t that put a lot of pressure on you, just to protect yourself?

  • Pressure? What is that? I only feel disdain for my opponents and satisfied when I do my job better than anyone else ever could.

Does this choice of lifestyle create enemies for you?

  • I care not about that. I eliminate those I am paid to. Nothing personal. Just business.  Angel will have a powerful nemesis however that I cannot wait to get my hands on. He will suffer greatly before I send him straight to hell.

Would she be someone you would be interested in dating, or is that activity something you prefer not to think about?

  • I have no time for that. I am too busy eliminating those who I am paid to. But I am developing a special bond with Angel. But even I cannot look into the future so who knows what will happen?
  • I take my pleasure when and where I want. The rest does not interest me.

Do you have anyone you can turn to for help and support when needed?

  • Angel, who I am sworn to protect, has great skills of her own. I may work with her in the future depending on how much she learns. And Joseph can get me to anywhere in the world I need to go and back me up. That is why he is still breathing.

Do you have any plans for the future?

  • I only care about now. The future is not ours to see. Not even for me.

Have you ever dreamed of being something else?

  • I am already the Ninja, the apex Predator out there. No creature on earth can best me. I will say no more.

There isn’t anything you’d want to change?

  • I am total perfection. Why should I?

How do you handle insults or complements?

  • I do not care. If they get in my way I will send them into the next life without batting an eye.
  • [With complements] You are mistaken. They know better than to make me mad.

Do you have any deep secrets you can share?

  • If I did, I would have to eliminate those I tell.

Ah.  Right.  Didn’t mean to push there.  Do you have any fears you work to overcome?

  • I have none. I am and I do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you have any accomplishments you can share with us?

  • My protégé Angel’s progress.  She has incredible skills already and is evolving daily. That makes me feel like a proud papa.

Mikhail, you have definitely shaped yourself to fit the life you have chosen.  Deep, dark, mysterious… and dangerous.  Thank you for coming by today with Wolf.  I enjoyed talking with you, and learning more about you.

Wolf, thank you again for stopping by, and bringing your… friend.  It has been great visiting with you both.


For the readers, if you are interested in reading more about Mikhail, you can find his stories in Wolf’s books:

Book 1 of the “Meter” series

Book 2 of the “Meter” series









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