Elithius: The Red Captain (Book 1) Special Promotion

His parents abandon him when he’s thirteen. He’s left to care for his little brother and sister. Life is tough. Things can’t seem to get any worse.

But then Evil Itself breaks down the door. It kidnaps his siblings. And It leaves him bleeding out on the floor of his own home.

The Golden Lands, one of the Three Worlds of Elithius, is supposed to be a place of light, peace and happiness. But the Golden Lands hasn’t been such a place for John Hedekira, a jaded, hot-headed sixteen-year-old. Joined by his friends Faith Pinck and Bernard Tanner, John must rescue his brother and sister from their captors…before his siblings can be sacrificed to the ominous God of Death.

With a story that combines the feelings of Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and Percy Jackson, Dominic Sceski brings to life a riveting tale of light versus darkness, magic, friendship, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption that will leave you on the edge of your seat and desperately yearning for more.

Don’t wait. Embark on the journey now. Enter Elithius!

My heart is pounding before I even open my eyes.  This is it.  A warrior from the rescue squad, he’s the one waking me up.  I tell him I’m ready.  And I am.  I’m ready for the battle.  I take a moment to splash my face with the water in the basin.  And then I turn around and look in the mirror.

I’m not sure if I know or understand the person I see.  He looks strong; he looks determined.  But there’s also something small about him.  Can he grow bigger?  Is he determined enough to do that?

Who will he be when this is over?

I strap my sword to my hip.  Then I stand before the door of my room.  I hesitate before exiting.  This is it.  It’s all happening so fast.  My hand goes to my chest and I feel beneath my shirt the pendant of the necklace Cassie and Luke gave me.  I clench it in my fist.  I’m scared.  Not about the battle, but—

I let go of the pendant.  Breathing deeply, I register the nervousness I feel in my stomach.  Cassie and Luke.  I’m scared.

Then I open the door.  The warrior from the rescue squad, Faith and Bernard are all standing there.  We all nod to each other.  With that, the warrior leads us on our way.

Elithius is Dominic Sceski’s newest literary creation.  Taking place in The Golden Lands, one of the three worlds of Elithius, John Hedekira, a hot-headed but determined teenager, must rescue his little brother and sister from the hands of Evil itself…before they can be sacrificed to the God of Death.  With a more intricate, deeper plot seeping through the background of the story and excitement springing from around every corner, Elithius invites readers to embark on a journey of mystery, magic, trust, betrayal, love, and heroism that will leave you on the edge of your seat…

…and desperately yearning for more.


You can find Elithius on Amazon as a Kindle edition or as a beautiful paperback


You may connect with Dominic and learn more about the world of Elithius on his Blog 


Or you may contact Dominic personally via email


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