Book Review: Angel’s Song (The Playlist)

The Playlist by [Davis, Chip, Sowder, Kindra, Shaye, Aimee, Lieberman, Barbara, Lieberman, Ellie, Lieberman, Ben, Taggart, Alyse, Kerr, Toni]


The Playlist… a multi-author anthology filled with stories inspired by music and song lyrics. Deep, gripping, gritty, and raw, the stories span musical genres and themes. Much like the music that inspired them, each story will strike a chord to the very end.













I’ve read a couple of other works by Chip, and though he’d warned me this one was different, I wasn’t expecting it to be THIS different.  I was honestly expecting something that had a heavy undercurrent of sarcasm, possibly something with a nice bite of wit as well.  That was not what this piece was at all.  Really turned the tables on me.

World Building

Current day, modern world.  Not much actual world building needed to be done, just some scene setting.  Chip managed to sketch in and paint the setting quickly enough to leave tons of room for the story to develop.  I’m still not exactly sure where this takes place, though just about any ranching/farming community in the foothills of the US would work.

Character Development

Two main characters, two secondary characters is all it took to make this piece come alive.  The leads have a nice blend of virtues and flaws that counter each other in the beginning.  As the tale unfolds, the characters find their flaws lessening as they learn more about themselves, and about each other.  The changes are not instantaneous, though to some it may feel that way.  The story actually covers multiple years, which allows for the changes to be compressed, as this is a short story.

The secondary characters are a little more archetypal, as they are not the main focus but do provide guidance (or temptation) to the mains.  I don’t usually identify the type of story arc within a tale, but this one really stood out to me.  Despite that, the growth and development of the leads remained realistic in the struggles they underwent to achieve their ultimate victory.


While this piece isn’t a rollicking race, it’s not one that stalls in the starting gate either.  It covers a good stretch of time in a very short space, which helps keep things moving.  Chip does a nice job skipping over the day-to-day boredom while maintaining enough cut scenes to allow the reader to keep in touch with the time flow so when the story pauses to expand on specific events they have enough context to make sense.


Overall?  A nice, quiet 4 of 5 stars.  The dock is due to the length – short stories rarely feel long enough to me.  This one does have a beautifully wrapped up story line, so that’s a huge plus.  Definitely recommend if folks like music, romance, and a farm life setting.


Angel’s Song is part of The Playlist anthology.  You can pick up a copy for yourself Here.  You can also discover seven other authors.


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