Book Review: The Legacy – Destiny

 A series of mistakes led LX into a whirlwind of events and almost cost him his life.

After waking from a mysterious coma, he has no idea where he is, or who he is. Even the woman who calls herself Mellie is nothing but a stranger to him.

As he struggles with his new life on Earth, he discovers the government and the military are not the only ones who seek to control his power. If these others succeed, an entire different destiny could await humankind.






Legacy: Destiny picks up right after Legacy: Fate ends.  Not quite like turning a page, but really close.  If you haven’t read Fate, I STRONGLY recommend you do so now.  Do not pass Go, do not collect your free money (unless it’s on the way to the library.)  Destiny is a hard-hitting, fast paced story, and doesn’t let up throughout the body of the work.  I ran into a few quibbles, but nothing that jolted me completely out of the story.  I did have to file a few things on the “where did that come from?” shelf, and I’m hoping this is not the last book in this universe.  It’d be fun to have some of those answers, and be able to read from start to finish.  (I just found out G.G. Atcheson is releasing a new installment of this book as I’m writing the review, so my hope is being answered!)

World Building

  • As I said, this book picks up where Legacy: Fate ends, or pretty close.  It’s still based on Earth, so if you’re hoping to see some space travel, you’re going to have to wait (possibly forever.  I’m not sure that will ever feature in this story if I’m seeing the story path properly.)There are a lot of new places – all well developed and carefully layered to make it an interesting exploration as the story moves through them – and a new top layer of politics in the tale.  And, those politics are what really makes this book pop for me.  Mind you, I’m not a big fan of politics – even the current stuff I watch out of morbid fascination, rather than a real fondness.  When I realized where this book was heading, I debated if I wanted to continue on, and risk things being spoiled for me, or to stop while the delightful glow of a wonderful tale still glowed in my mind when I thought of the title.I’m ever so glad I didn’t stop.  Even with my least favorite subject providing the bulk of the scenery, the story managed to come to life in my head, and the words danced across that mental screen.

Character Development

  • G. G. continues to deliver in this installment of the Legacy series.  Again, there were a few quibbles I ran into (more along the lines of “where did they come from” than “that doesn’t seem like so-and-so.”)  The main cast continues to become more substantial, and even the new characters all have that extra “something” that makes them people, rather than just scenery to move around.One of the quibbles I did have, that kept coming back, I do want to point out.  The lead in this whole thing – innocent as he is – seemed to wander into the naive territory for a while, which struck me as oddly out of character.  Honor bound – I can understand.  Honerable even makes sense.  But there were a few times when that was taken a touch too far, and that made me feel as if LX had suddenly fallen out of character.  A little later, there’s a couple of incidents that are on the other extreme, which caused me to blink a couple of times while I tried to figure out how the character I’d enjoyed up to now could be that way.  These weren’t big issues, and the main story rolled over the bumps fairly quickly, which is part of why they stuck out for me as sharply as they did.


  • OK, I’ve been raving about the Legacy series.  However, there were a few points in the pacing that the absolutely delirious enjoyment almost collapsed for me.  I’ll admit, the bulk of these instances had to do with scenes heavily laced with politics early on.  The rest were because of a momentary skip in the timeline – I’d almost say that a piece of the story had been edited out or in, and while the story flowed smoothly into the scene, it didn’t always flow properly out of the scene.Outside of those few instances, the overall pace was well done, with a nice ebb and flow to the tension that kept the pages turning.  I was hooked enough that I didn’t want to put the book down, and so was able to recover from the reading stumbles quickly, not quite realizing I’d hit a snag until I thought back on what I’d read.

Overall Rating

Even with the pacing breaks, this one still gets a hearty 5 of 5 paws from this pukah.  A very enjoyable read, memorable enough I know it’ll be a while before I forget the key points, but interesting enough I’m looking forward to going back and reading again to see if there’s more I couldn’t see the first time around.  I’m inclined to think there are a couple more layers I missed, since I was so wrapped up in what was going to happen next.

The only other quibble I have:  This book is a self-contained story, but the ending leaves a whole host of other questions that I want answered.  So, with that I have to ask “Is there going to BE a next book?”  Addicted reader wants to know!


If you are intrigued by the review, and want to know what the fuss is about, I highly recommend you pick up your own copy of Legacy: Destiny on Amazon Here.  If you haven’t read Legacy: Fate, you are going to want to pick up a copy of that one to read first.  Destiny isn’t quite able to stand on it’s own – it definitely is part of a series!


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