Standing Beside You

Illustration of a blank tombstone

Today has been tough, I know what you saw
A trusted companion, a friend through it all
No longer beside you, at least the way that it feels
Today is forever, broken, and real

They came forth to give you, that stranger who cared
A memory, a love, a bus pass to joy coded with fare
Whenever you saw them, you nod with a smile
They gave back the wave, with joy to fill the miles

While around you the world turned surreal, dark, and bleak
Your friend is beside you, a strong arm of support when you are weak
Together you are fearless, when facing your foes
Together you are tireless when defeating your woes

A friend has gone on, and now the world has gone black
A year, a life, a memory unpacks
The laughter they brought you, bright sun in the gloom
The joy shared together that filled every room

Parted too early, with so much left to do
Parted too early leaving only just you
Now the strength that you shared, that you nurtured and grew
Not seems as fragile as the cold morning dew

Yet somehow life moves on, and drags you along
Be at peace my dear friend, I hear your voice in a song
You stand here beside me, around me, and inside
Though no longer living, in my heart you reside.



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