Book Review: Unfinished Symphony




“Your song, that’s right. Such a clever little girl, now mind your manners and don’t interrupt. As I was saying, no two songs are ever the same, the experiences we go through moulding the medley that becomes our own and my brother, well, he likes to collect these songs.”

Each and every one of us is born with our own unique song. Music that twists and twirls around our destiny. Polly wakes one morning to find her song has become particularly attractive to an ancient evil. Join Polly as she is thrust into a world of magic and song and embark on an adventure of self-discovery, courage and friendship. A journey that sees her flee from an ancient evil that threatens to steal her very soul.






Another massively overdue read/review.  R L Atkinson – I apologize it has taken me this long to get to your book.

I do remember starting this once, and then having to put it down when life decided to bite at my ankles.  I wasn’t far enough into the story to have a driving need to get back and finish it, and then I wound up with a flood of other books piling up on the to be read stack, so this one got lost in the shuffle.  With that said, I did manage to work my way back down to it, and felt a mile sting of surprise that I had not yet finished reading it.

For me, it was a longer read than expected.  It is written for a younger audience, which usually means I can devour a book in three or four hours.  This one took me almost an entire night to read through.  It is definitely NOT something you should expect to fly through without thinking – there are several deeper currents that can lead to some wonderful discussions between parents and their children.


As I said, I expected this one to be a very quick, light read.  That expectation was quickly dashed as I began to read through the story and began discovering the currents that swirled just under the surface.  Yes, there is a dark-ish feel to the read, but there is also hope, joy, and an overall uplifting message brewing behind the simple facade of the surface story.

World building

 The world building in The Unfinished Symphony is a slow build, unlike many other fantasy books.  Each setting is quickly blocked in, then details begin to emerge a bit at a time to create the full picture for the rest of the story to play out in.

Character Development

 Because the two main contenders for Polly’s safety are written as twins, the beginning is a bit confusing.  However, this is quickly sorted out as the three characters are defined in more detail.  The “good” vs. “bad” is also defined through the character development process – the “good” characters receiving more attention, thus more detail than the “bad” characters.  I use quotes, because the contenders are different sides to the same person (confusing, though if you think of them as a good twin/bad twin, it’s not as hard to keep track of.)


The pacing is a bit slow for my tastes.  Not quite an idyllic stroll through the countryside, but definitely not fast paced.  Reading through, it felt a bit like one of the tales someone would hear from an elder – “Back then this happened this way” – which may be a turnoff for some readers, and a pleasant surprise for others.

Overall rating?  For me, this is a weak 3 of 5 stars.  It is a well told story, just the confusion in the beginning and the slow pace made it a little more difficult than I’d like to read through.  At 110 pages, I should have been able to read it in a single sitting.  This one took me a few days.


If you’d like to pick up a copy (even though I didn’t really connect with this book, I can see how younger readers, or those who like a slower paced tale would really enjoy it) you can find it on Amazon Here.


Comments and questions welcome.

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