—– Ian Martin’s Gunther Kleim Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Planet Earth is in trouble. At the end of the twenty first century, the population is still increasing, climate change has not been arrested, sea levels are rising, millions are suffering death and starvation. Then a treatment is discovered that will allow people to live hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Gunther Kleim leads a team of fifty top scientists, economists and sociologists tasked with modelling the world’s uncertain future. Their conclusion is the inevitable breakdown of human civilisation. Gunther has a proposal. It won’t stop earth’s decline, but it might give it hope: ‘Project Noah’ the most audacious and ambitious project of science and exploration since man first set foot on the moon. The aim – to preserve a piece of civilisation, taking thousands, eventually hundreds of thousands of people, to the stars.

Ian, welcome back.  And, welcome back everyone else to our ongoing Character Interview series.  Ian, who do you have with you today?

  • Gunther Kleim

Gunther, since you are working on preserving civilization, I’m sure you are under a great deal of pressure.  Are you someone who handles it well?

  • I hope so, I’m trying to persuade tens of thousands of people to join me in a project that could take a hundred years and will end with us travelling to the stars.

Are you having to deal with a particular class of individuals you consider your enemies?

  • People who refuse to see what we humans have done to the world and that all the evidence points to us destroying our own civilization.  People who want to stop ‘Project Noah’.

Do you have anyone special in your life to turn to when things become overwhelming?

  • No, it wouldn’t be fair.  And ‘Project Noah’ is a jealous mistress.

Do you have any fears that you wish to share?

  • That I’m leading people on a hundred year project that is doomed to fail.  At the beginning we don’t have most of the technology we’ll need.  So much of it is an act of faith.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  And, it may seem cold comfort now, but I’m sure this is the grandmother of invention for the technology you are seeking.

To counterbalance your fears, do you have any hopes, or achievements that show how you’ve already overcome some of that fear?

  • The vision, ingenuity, tenacity and brilliance of human beings.  Without that ‘Project Noah’ would never even have got started.

That definitely counts as a wonderful achievement.  Gunther, thank you for coming by today with Ian.  It has been a pleasure sitting down and talking with you.

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