Hello Mirror, It’s Me


From the darkness I was born
And everything did change
No longer was another
In charge of my breath or my brain

That moment that I came
Was fear, and cold and pain
Yet there was something so important
I had to learn right away

Within moments of arrival
I had to learn to breathe
The searing dry, cold air
Was drawn inside of me

I got bigger, I got older
I learned a lot, you see
How to sit, to walk, to run
I learned how to just be free

Then along came this thing called school
Where I sat and sat and sat
Bored, and full of energy
I could not let go of that

Twelve long years of sitting
Being  shaped and molded there
By teachers who were trying
To show me through their tears

How to be myself, unique
To be proud of who I am
Yet always fettered, chained and held
To never be aware

Post school there came college
Either that or cubes galore
Again, I faced the beast
That only wants release

Not just I, but many more
Have seen the way, do know the score
Yet all around us, all we see
Are those whose lives are misery

From dawn till dark, through the year
They rise from bed, yet always fear
To fail, to falter, to be alone
To see, to hear that awful drone

Like mirror images, they live and earn
Like poor lost soulless automaton
Raise an issue they’ve not heard before
They raise hue and cry for your wavering

Dissonance they cannot stand
Dissonance is banished across the land
Like babes before their first in drawn breath
They forget how to be their own strange best

To survive I hide just who I am
Until before you I do stand
The image you show me, unique and strange
Is beginning now to slowly fade

Hello there mirror, are you there?
Am I still me, my best self yet
Or have I given in to become….



This piece is dedicated to all the folks out there who continue to think for themselves and try to encourage others to do so.  In this day and age, when it is more acceptable to think like everyone around you, it can be hard to remember we are all unique with our own desires and needs to be met.  Keep reaching for the horizon, my friends.  May you always excel at what you attempt!


Comments and questions welcome.

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