—– Philipp Kessler’s Malcolm Downing Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Backfire: Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings Vol. 1 by [Kessler, Philipp J.]


It was a simple protection spell, what could possibly go wrong? Everything and then some!

Sandra Blackwell wants to help her friend find peace and protection after a nasty break up. Little did she know that Elaine’s home was already under protection – if you call flickering lights and depression protection. After the bulbs begin to blow and they realize something has backfired, they battle their own mental and emotional demons to fix what Sandra did. Two Egyptian Gods play with Sandra’s understanding of who she is and Elaine is floating in her own personal limbo after the blow up of her relationship and the backfire of a well intentioned spell. Can they fix things without it all blow up in their faces?

The first in a series of stories following Sandra and Elaine, Backfire introduces the characters and establishes their life together. Friends since middle school, the two are now getting established in their careers. Magick, love, and unexpected happenings follow them all over the place.






Welcome back.  Tonight we’ll be chatting with Malcolm Downing (from Waterfall:  New Beginnings Vol. 2 which is still being written).

Philipp, will you introduce us?

  • Hello, this is Malcolm Downing. He’s one of the characters in my Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series. He’s had a lot to say to me lately, so I thought I’d bring him in to talk to you all, too.

Welcome Malcolm. Thank you for letting Philipp bring you over to visit.

Will you start us off with a little about yourself, and where you’re from?

  • [Hello.]  I’m Malcolm Downing of the Lincoln Downings. My uncle and father run one of the most successful business empires in the Midwest. You could say I come from money. A lot of it.

What business, if I may ask?

  • The Downings are in a lot of businesses. Banking, computer technology, we own properties all over the state of Nebraska and a good bit into Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. We’re expanding into Colorado, but Wyoming isn’t of much interest to us. Like the rest of the country.

Are you from Nebraska, then?

  • Born and raised here. My family hails from New England. They came west in the late 1800’s and bought up a lot of land in Nebraska. A good investment.

If you’re dealing in investments, am I far off the mark thinking you’re under a lot of pressure to deliver results?

  • I let my father and uncle deal with that. Francis and Zachary are the kingpins to the family business. I’ve been out of the loop on most of the decisions up to this point. After college they distanced themselves from me.

Trouble in the family?

  • They thought I had gotten involved with the wrong sort of woman. Someone beneath the family name.

Oh, dear. Is she still in your life?

  • No. I tried calling her today and she hung up on me. Elaine has become quite different of late. Must be Sandra Blackwell’s influence her. The little witch!

That sounds like you’ve got an enemy. Or am I misinterpreting your words?

  • Depends on what you mean. Sandra’s a little miss goody-goody. She comes from an old family, too. Not wealthy, mind you. The Blackwells have had influence on a different arena. Her way is not my way.

That does tend to complicate things. Do you have anyone who’s ways mesh with yours better?

  • Uncle Zachary and my father have been training me since I could walk and talk. To take over a different aspect of the family business. I’m not good with business, I’m rather skilled with magick.

Sounds interesting. How would that work in today’s world with so much disbelief?

  • Pshah! The masses don’t have to believe. What matters is that we believe.

Plausible – as I’ve seen some interesting results from that method.

Changing the subject a bit – can you share anything about your dreams and ambitions?

  • Oh, erhm. I know I won’t be taking over the family’s financial business. That doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got all I need when it comes to money.
    Wow. Did I just say that? Anyway…
    I want to continue moving forward with my training, learn what I can and do what is needed for the Downings to remain at the forefront of everything we are involved with.
  • I can be sentimental, though. A loving wife and children to carry on the name would be very nice. Yes, nice indeed.

I know you said you just had an ugly break up – any other ladies of interest?

  • Not right now, no. Before Elaine left – though she’d say I left her – my mother passed away. I wasn’t able to go to the memorial. I’m … I don’t know. I’m just here right now. Relationships are not easy. If I could, though, I’d get Elaine back.

Forgive me for poking a sore subject. I can be a bit too nosy at times.

One last question for you in a completely different subject. If you could be anything in the world, what would you choose?

  • Nosy, yes. Thank you for not probing further.
  • Hmmm. If I could be anything… Master of my own destiny. But that’s not possible. The Downings have a destiny that has no regard for me.

Malcolm, thank you again for coming over to visit. Best wishes for success in your endeavors.

  • Thank you, thank you. Now, if you don’t mind, Uncle Zachary has plans for me this evening. Good night!

Good night.

Philipp, thank you for making a return trip, and bringing Malcolm with you.  Any last words before you leave?

  • Thank you. It has been a pleasure, as always.
  • Don’t let Malcolm’s remarks about Sandra or Elaine color your perception of them. They are both lovely ladies. Just trying to make a go of things with what life has handed them.

I’ll keep that in mind. ::chuckles:: I’ve seen first hand how “old” money doesn’t like “new” money, and similar with respect and prestige within family lines.


If you enjoyed the interview, and want to get a head start on Malcolm’s tale, head over to Amazon, or Barns and Noble here to pick up a copy of Backfire: Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings Vol. 1 for your self.  

If you’d like to connect with Philipp and stalk… erm… follow his progress on Waterfall, you can find him on Facebook where he posts at least once a day. Either a teaser or an update on what is going on; Patreon where I release a chapter-a-month for my $1 and above patrons out of the sci-fi novel I am working on; and of course Amazon (US Amazon) and Goodreads.


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