Author and Character Interviews – Alphabetic

Alphabetic Listing of Author Interviews
Characters accompany their authors

Welcome to the Interview archives.  I’ve broken them up by year to make it easier to keep track of just who’s stopped by when.  If you know someone visited the pukah, and which year it was, you can look them up Here.  If you’re more interested in meeting someone from a specific genre instead, head over Here.

In all the entries, I’ve tried to make sure the author and their characters are grouped together – so the first name is the author, the second the character(s) that also visited.  Have fun nosing around, and let me know in the comments if there’s anyone you’d like me to invite back for a second interview.

(Please be advised that the tone of the site changed in late 2016/early 2017, so unless I’ve read and reviewed a book by a non sci-fi or fantasy author, I will likely decline recommendation.  I am trying to maintain the science fiction and fantasy tone, though do not wish to do any disservice to the authors who showed support when I was first starting out.)