—– Justine Alley Dowsett’s Kadrean Authier Stops By To Visit With The Pukah


Everything happens for a reason… Four people. Four very different lives. Four tales interwoven. Meet Kenzie en Shareed, the High Clan Chief’s daughter who is sent south to fulfill a treaty by marriage only to marry the wrong man; Kadrean Authier, the Crown Prince who must come to terms with his new bride, even if he doesn’t much like the idea; Garron D’Arbonne, a noble Lord who has been commanded to marry a cool and aloof princess he doesn’t love; and Vivianne Chappelle, a young and ambitious woman who is in love with her abusive father’s manservant and must find a way to avoid having her entire future decided for her. Fate and wills collide in this Shakespearian-style romantic comedy about good intentions and their unintentional consequences.








I’d like to welcome everyone back.  Today, Justine is returning with Prince Kadrean Authier from Unintended.  Prince Authier, do you have a nickname you prefer?

  • No, I don’t. Though, my fiancée once called me ‘Kadie’ in public, but I think that was in an attempt to embarrass me. At least, I hope that’s all it was…
  • My name is Kadrean

Thank you, Kadrean.  Can you start us off with a little about where you were born?

  • I was born in Authera on the northern border of Ismera. It wasn’t until I was eight that my father, Raymundo Authier, took the crown and it was sometime after that when the family moved south to the capital city to live in the palace.

Since you come from a different world, I’m going to be nosy – are you human, or have any special gifts?

  • Uhhh… human. What a strange question.

Do you consider yourself to be a good or bad person?

  • I’d like to consider myself a good person and a good prince. When my father passes I will be King of Ismer and I hope to do right by my people.

Since you’re the heir, how would you describe your personality to your future subjects?

  • Charming, I hope. In all seriousness though, I’m a meticulous person with good attention to detail. I pay attention to my surroundings and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at reading people. Which really helps in my position, let me tell you.

I can well imagine.  I’m sure that being the monarch brings with it quite a bit of pressure.  How well do you handle the stress?

  • Of course. I have to be. Ismera needs a strong King and I have to set a good example so the people know they can trust me to lead them when the time comes. My father is a strong King, maybe too strong. He can be a bit domineering and harsh, even with me, his first-born. I can stand up to him when I need to though, and sometimes I need to when it comes to protecting my fiancée from his condescension.10.. Do you get along with others?
    Depends who you ask, I expect. People tend to have trouble picking up on my sense of humour sometimes. My ‘intended’ and I got off on the wrong foot when we first met. I think she’s coming around, though.

Definitely a plus.  It’s never pleasant having an enemy in your own home.  Especially when I’m sure you’ve a few in the court.  Any you can (or have) identified yet?

  • I’m a little concerned about Vance Chappelle. I know he’s up to something. There are always malcontents plotting against the royal family, but I suppose the real concern would be war. For now things are peaceful along our borders and I intend to cement that as best I can with my marriage to Kenzie, the Haldoram Clan Chief’s daughter.

What would happen if he were to complement you for no reason?

  • I know how the game is played. Vance compliments me often. Too often, which means he’s plotting something. I think he wants me to marry his daughter, Victory. Which is never going to happen. She’s got a voice like a cat in heat and her perfume is suffocating.

Would you consider her to be your only ally or friend, or are there others?

  • My sister, Margaret, is my closest ally and friend. She’s the only person who really understands me since we grew up together. It’s lonely being royalty, especially with parents like ours. Father is strict and unyielding and not exactly what I would call a ‘family person’ and mother isn’t much better.

What do you do if she insults you?

  • I would smile and laugh along. Margaret has a caustic sense of humour sometimes. At least with me. She’s not usually so open around everyone else.

Do you ever take time away from your duties to play the “what if” game?  If so, what animal would you become if you could?

  • As long as it’s hypothetical, why not? A horse, but not the domesticated kind. A wild stallion like the ones that are said to roam the Saegard Islands. I love to go riding with my sister. It’s one of the few times that we are able to feel free. There’s just something about running over open land with nothing in sight but trees and long grass.

I love horses too, and sometimes imagine myself as one.  In reality, though, is there anything you’d want to change about yourself?

  • Is it unfair to say my parents? I do love them, of course I do, it’s just that my life might have been easier without their constant attempts to control it.

Not unfair at all.  From the way you describe them, I can see where a few small changes would have made a big difference.

Prince Kadrian, thank you for letting Justine bring you out today.  It has been fun talking with you.


If you enjoyed the interview, and would like to read Kadrian’s story, you can find it on Amazon here:  Unintended

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Justine Alley Dowsett Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Welcome, welcome.  Come on in, and find a comfortable seat.  Today, we’ve Justine Alley Dowsett from Windsor, Ontario Canada down to visit with us.  Justine, do you mind starting us off with a little bit about yourself and where you are from?

  • I’m an author and publisher and one of the owners of Mirror World Publishing.

Do you remember what sparked your interest in writing, and what led you to start your journey?

  • I began writing seriously when I was fifteen.  I wrote two novels while in high school. They were terrible, but great learning experiences. I started writing because all I’ve ever wanted to be was an author.
  • I’ve always read a lot, in both French and English. I can only presume that’s what caused me to want to be an author.
  • My first published book is Neo Central. It’s a YA dystopian science-fiction adventure with a bit of romance thrown in. I wrote it with the help of my sister and a mutual friend of ours. It started as a game actually. We wrote the first draft on a role-playing forum and later through extensive edits, I re-wrote it as a novel.

A fellow gamer-turned-author!  Never expected to meet another one.  Must sit down one of these years and compare notes.  As you progressed through your writer’s journey, do you have an instance that you look back at and say, “There!  That’s when I became a writer.”?

  • A writer, always, but an author… it wasn’t until I had published my first book and was holding the paperback in my hands.

::Chuckles::  Publishing anything is an accomplishment, and to get it into hard copy is even better.  Are you working on any projects that you can share with us?

  • My seventh novel, Unintended launches August 17th! It’s a Shakespearian-style romantic comedy about the unintentional consequences of good intentions.
  • Well, releasing Unintended on August 17th , then working on a top secret writing project while I focus on the rest of Mirror World’s Summer of New Releases. We have a handful more books slated to come out this year.
  • Of course! Here’s the short blurb:
    Four people. Four very different lives. Four tales interwoven.Meet Kenzie en Shareed, the High Clan Chief’s daughter who is sent south to fulfill a treaty by marriage only to marry the wrong man; Kadrean Authier, the Crown Prince who must come to terms with his new bride, even if he doesn’t much like the idea; Garron D’Arbonne, a noble Lord who has been commanded to marry a cool and aloof princess he doesn’t love; and Vivianne Chappelle, a young and ambitious woman who is in love with her abusive father’s manservant and must find a way to avoid having her entire future decided for her.Fate and wills collide in this Shakespearian-style romantic comedy about good intentions and their unintentional consequences.

I’m intrigued by your titles.  Do you have a method to select them, or do they develop organically as you write?

  • I have seven novels… most of the titles are a result of brainstorming, but a lot of the finished novels ended up keeping their working titles. Neo Central is the name of the city the story is based around and Unintended came about as a result of the unintended nature of the story. My sister, who is my co-author, and I didn’t know it was going to be such an unintended success.

With all the reading I’m sure you do as a publisher, has this affected your writing style, or do you manage to keep yours unique?

  • My writing is very focused on the characters and the dialogue. I like both to be believable and engaging. My novels are also pretty much always set in a fantasy setting. I like books that can take you away to other worlds. That’s why I opened Mirror World Publishing, so I could offer just that.

Sounds like you manage to keep your reading from affecting your writing.  Do you have any books or authors who’ve helped shape you into the writer you are today?

  • Anything by Anne Bishop. Her dark fantasy worlds are inspiring. Brandon Sanderson for his action sequences and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon for her romance and sense of realism.

Are any of these someone you’d consider to be a mentor figure for you, or is there someone else to fill that role?

  • David Eddings. His Belgariad series really got me thinking about world building.

I loved that series too.  It sounds like you’ve got a hectic schedule.  Do you find time to read for fun in there?

  • The Family by Choice series by Caroline Frechette. She’s an author and publisher like me, based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

Sounds interesting.  Is she the only indie author who’s caught your attention, or are there others?

  • Many! Mirror World Publishing just took on a whole slew of awesome authors. Sharon Ledwith for one, Rita Monette, Elizabeth J. M. Walker, Matthew Freake… the list goes on. They are all awesome and you can find them on our website. http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com

From everyone that you’ve read to date, who’s your favorite author?

  • Brandon Sanderson, currently. His action sequences and world-building skills are unparalleled. If you like fantasy, I suggest his Mistborn trilogy.

I’ve had someone else recommend that series.  Definitely need to look into it.  Going back to your work, do you ever weave in messages for your readers to find?

  • As with all of the novels we publish, we just want to offer readers a chance to escape the mundane by offering them an alternative world to visit. Hopefully they learn something while there, but that’s not always necessary. My novels specifically tend to share a theme of overcoming adversity.

A message well worth delivering through any media.  Do you ever draw from your own experiences or reality to help give your work an edge of realism?

  • Um… very little of my books are realistic. The characters act like real people would, but the settings and the circumstances are often fantastic.
  • [As for using my experiences:] Only loosely. Sometimes I base characters or character traits on those I have observed in others, but most often everything I write is completely made up.

Do you have a non-family support group to cheer you on when things get rough?

  • It’s still family, but my co-author is my sister. We’ve been through it all together from the first book until now. We are both just hoping that Unintended will be a big success for us.

From where you are now on your writing adventure, do you feel that writing has become your career?

  • Yes and publishing.

If you were to start the journey over again with all the knowledge you’ve gained along the way, would you do anything different?

  • Absolutely not! I love the way Unintended turned out and so did the BETA readers. We’ve gotten some great feedback and I’m really excited about this new release!

What about the challenges you’ve faced along the way?  I’m sure there were more than a few lessons mixed in as well.  Any you can share with us?

  • Not really no. After seven books, I feel I’ve gotten it down to a science. Of course, I’m always learning and improving, but the basic skills are there now. Writing isn’t the hard part, marketing and getting the book to its audience is.
  • Staying focused. It’s all too easy to let a busy lifestyle get in the way, but it’s important to write every day or as near to it as possible to keep your head in the story.
  • [I learned] that I write better when I’m having fun with it. Writing Unintended was a blast and the fun my sister and I had is now filtering through to our readers.

All lessons I think every writer has to learn in their own time.  And, I’m sure many writers have to face sooner or later.  Did you have any challenges with the covers, or did you work with someone to have them designed?

  • Various artists. My favorite to work with is Sara Biddle. www.salizabeth.net. She’s done Mirror’s Hope, Mirror’s Heart and now, Unintended.

Last big question:  What advice would you pass on to your fellow authors?

  • Write every day. Seriously. It’s the best way to stay focused and motivated.

::Looks away a little too innocently::  Hmm?  I do agree, however about keeping your focus when you’re writing.

Justine, thank you for coming over.  Before I close out the interview, any final words for our readers?

  • Give Unintended a chance. I promise you will love it. It’s comedic, romantic and a true escape from reality. Go read it… go on, go. I’ll wait. J

I’ll help spread word as best I can.  Thank you again for stopping by.

If you’ve enjoyed the interview, and wish to connect with Justine, you can find her on the following sites:

Website, Blog (Mirrorworld Publishing), Facebook, and Twitter.



Aaron-Michael Hall Stops By To Visit With The Pukah


Welcome everyone.  Today, we have the mysterious Aaron-Michael Hall visiting.  Aaron-Michael, why don’t you get us started with a little bit about yourself, and where you’re from?

  • I was raised in a very small town in the Midwest. Being the youngest of eight left me out of the decision making when it came to selecting television shows or a radio station. It was not a democracy. Instead of fighting with my siblings, I would join my mother and read. She would usually have an Andre Norton book out on the sunporch where the chaos inside was barely noticeable. It is there my love for fantasy grew.

What part of the Midwest?

  • Illinois

With that type of chaos, how did you get into writing?

  • I first began writing as an escape of sorts. I cannot count the number of poems and short stories written over the years. The first I remember is when I was six.
  • It has always been a part of me.

Do you have an instance that you can point to and say, “there!  That’s when I became a writer.”?

  • That is an interesting question. To this day, I refer to myself as a storyteller. I do not follow the rules of “writing.” Instead, I allow myself to get lost in my words. Oft times, I will sit at my computer with my eyes closed, writing the scenes playing out in my mind. Whatever I see and hear gets typed just as it is received. I have always written, but never called myself a writer.

That sounds eerily familiar.  Do you remember the spark that started you on your writing journey?

  • Actually, it was the mundane. I love sci-fi and fantasy. However, it appeared all the fantasy characters were the same. The protagonists looked and sounded alike. I grew weary of not seeing any diversity in the peoples inhabiting these elaborate and wonderful lands. Surely, there was more. When I could not find it, I created it.

Since the characters narrate for you, and you have sought to bring some diversity to the written word, do you have a specific style that you write in?

  • No

What about realism?  Do you deliberately incorporate any, or does it just happen?

  • It just happens. I think a good deal of realism can be found in my novels. In every tale, there is reality. The Rise of Nazil trilogy is no different. There is a lot of dialogue and life altering events.

Do you draw from your own experiences?

  • Not intentionally, no. Albeit, each story is a part of me. As such, my experiences and observations no doubt bleed into every word written.

Can you point to any books that have influenced your life, or writing choices?

  • I knew I would have to answer this question at some point. The truth is I have none to list. I have read interviews where authors list five or six great influences. That is not the same for me. I have read many genres over the years and I would have to say all of them had some influence over the “writer” I have become.

Surely there’s one or two that stand out as favorites, or ones that you look up to as mentors.

  • Michael Moorcock, Octavia Butler, R. A. Salvatore, and R. Scott Bakker perhaps.

Any new authors who have come onto your radar?

  • I have seen a few that I am following. I ordered several eBooks and will delve into them as soon as time allows.

Sounds like you’re busy.  Are you at a point you can share any of your current news or projects?

  • My first epic adult fantasy novel, The Rise of Nazil released in August 2015. The second in the trilogy, Seed of Scorn released in February 2016.
  • The final book in The Rise of Nazil trilogy, Piercing the Darkness is on preorder now (May, 2016) on Amazon.
  • The second trilogy, The Shifter is complete. The first novel in the trilogy, The Shifter: Blood of Oisin is currently with the editor. It is set for release February 2017.
  • I am constantly working with illustrators. It is my plan to have all of the major character’s profiles complete before the year’s end.That works, thank you.  I’m intrigued by your title.  Do you have a method to select them?
  • It just came to me as all of them have.

What about your covers?  Did you do those yourself, or work with someone?

  • I have two great illustrators, Predrag Ivanovic and Losmanto Lo. I design all of my covers, and they create them. Predrag is a saint for putting up with me. I will continue to work with him for years to come.

Please give them my complements.  The artwork is stunning!

If you had to start the journey over today knowing everything you know now, would you change anything in your work?

  • No. My completed work was over 1,200 pages. I have edited it down to just under 700 (after formatting 550). I have made all the changes I am willing to make. It must now stand on its own.

That’s a phenomenal accomplishment by itself.  Does that leave you time to read?

  • I read often and beta read for many indie authors.

When you’re writing, do you weave messages into your work for the readers to find?

  • There are many. However, I will let the reader decide which is of importance to them.

With your series progressing, how do you feel about writing as a career choice?

  • Had you asked me a year ago, that would have been an easy, no. However, much has changed. That is a possibility now where it was not a thought before.

Do you have a support group beyond your family to help with any rough spots?

  • My friends and my sister, Nina most of all. She is an amazing cheerleader and does not hesitate to offer her opinion of my characters. She keeps a list of those she would like to find death and the method she would desire.

What challenges did you encounter while writing your book, and what did you learn as you over came those challenges?

  • The scope is large. There are many multidimensional characters with their own sub-plots. Most are intertwined with the main characters as well. I tend to be very verbose and it is a challenge to lessen the dialogue between them.
  • There are several scenes depicting some heinous events in book I. Violence is never used arbitrarily. If the scene is in the novel, it was integral to the plot and characterization. Those are very difficult scenes to write. Other than that, creating the language was arduous yet enjoyable as well.
  • [I learned] too many [lessons] to list! Writing is a wonderful escape and creating worlds is fascinating. Preparing your work for publishing is an extensive process. I had to learn to “give in” and listen to the professionals you trust and hire to assist you.

From where you are now on your journey, do you have any advice you’d pass down to other up-and-coming writers?

  • Write. It does not matter what anyone may say or think about what is in your heart and mind. Do not allow them to deter you from being true to yourself. Continue to express yourself in the manner that makes sense to you. Not everyone will like what you have written and they do not need to. Be true to yourself.

Aaron-Michael, thank you so much for coming over today.  As we wrap up, any final words for your readers?

  • Yes. Thank you. There are thousands of authors. I appreciate each and every one who has taken the time and interest to read my work. I am honored tremendously when someone tells me they have enjoyed one of my books.

Agreed, Aaron-Michael.  Agreed.  Thank you again, it was fun having you over and clearing up some of the mystery about you.


If you enjoyed the interview, and would like to connect with Aaron-Michael Hall, you can find him through his WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook.  And if he’s managed to perk your interest in his books, I’ve linked his Amazon page Here for your convenience.


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—– Daran Handshaw’s Actaeon Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

—– Daran Handshaw’s Actaeon Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

Image may contain: outdoor and indoor


The Engineer
The Engineer, the first novel by Darran M Handshaw, follows the adventures of Actaeon Rellios in the ruined, futuristic city of Redemption.









Welcome back everyone.  Darran, welcome back to you as well.  Who’s this gentleman with you today?

  • Actaeon steps forward and leans upon his halberd. “Good day to you, fine lady. I am Actaeon Rellios of Shore. And what, may I ask, is your name?”

Welcome Actaeon. ::Bows politely:: I am known as “K.” or “Pukah” depending who is speaking. I answer to both.

May I inquire where Rellios of Shore is?

  • Actaeon grins. “Well, I am speaking, so you can tell me your preference given that knowledge. And Rellios of Shore is right before you. Rellios is my family’s name, you see. I am from Shore, which lies at the southern edge of Redemption, it is a Hold of the Raedelle Dominion. I grew up there, in the town of Incline. You have not heard of it?”

I am afraid not. I don’t get to get out and travel as much as I wish. Is it hard to get to, Redemption?

  • Actaeon appears intrigued. “Quite fascinating, Lady K. I have not met anyone from outside the city before – at least not anyone that was not trying to kill me. Redemption is the ruined city of the Ancients. On the west it borders the sea and on the east it borders hostile tribal lands. It would be quite difficult and dangerous to make it there from without, I would imagine. Might I ask where you are from?”

A little world called “Earth”. With that much destruction, I am led to believe you are not a native to Earth, are you?

  • “Curious. So you are from a different world? Or perhaps a different location in the same world as I. I have not heard of this Earth, but I should like to know more. Those who live in Redemption arrived through portals that opened up nearly a century ago. Could this ‘Earth’ have been an origination point for those people?”

Possibly. Do your people consider themselves to be human, or is there another term for your race, or species?

  • “We are most certainly human, though for some I am sure that is debatable, ” he says with a chuckle. “As far as I can tell, the vanished Ancients were human as well. Why do you ask? Are you human? Do you know of other races?” He leans forward, eager to know more.

That I do, and I have met others from other worlds who are not human.

You mention portals – that brings up another question for me. Is there magic in your world?

  • Actaeon laughs at that question. “Well, some would call it that. The technology that the Ancients have left behind – the artifacts. Many in Redemption are convinced they are magic. Some worship these artifacts while others seek to destroy them, convinced that they led to the destruction of the Ancients. They are not magic though. Their function has an explanation, though sometimes it is beyond our understanding. It is one of my driving goals in life, to understand more about the truth behind such artifacts.”

We have a few pieces of technology like that here as well.

Actaeon, one last question, then I’ll let you go home. Hypothetically, if you could achieve your heart’s desire, what would it be?

  • “You do, Lady K? I should like to examine them if you can spare any.”

Actaeon takes a long moment to think about the question before replying. “My heart’s desire – such a strange concept that an organ which pushes lifeblood through the body would have a desire. I understand your metaphorical meaning however. My greatest desire has always been to find the answers to many problems. You see, I am an Engineer by trade. I wish to discover the truth behind a great many things: how the artifacts work, how to make them ourselves, how to utilize technology to solve humanity’s problems, why we are here and what happened to the Ancients. If I could achieve one thing, it would be to discover that – to discover what happened to the Ancients. It is the biggest mystery of my world. I am realistic though, and I realize that such a question is unlikely to be answered in my lifetime, if ever. That will not stop me from searching though.”

He remembers then, her previous statement. “You said you have met non-human people from other worlds. I would be delighted to hear about them – both the people and the worlds.”

Actaeon, there are many different worlds, races, and species. Before you return home, see if Darran will take you by a library. In there, you will find many worlds to explore, and information on just about any subject.

For the strange technology, in part it is from those who may not be as advanced in science as others, and in part it may be phenomena we haven’t figured out yet. (Not everything can be made to fit in a test tube, after all.)

Perhaps one, or both of those sources might provide some help in achieving your desire. It can be hard knowing you are trying to solve something that may not be solvable in one lifetime.

Actaeon, thank you so much for letting Darran bring you over to visit.

Darran, thank you again for visiting.

Any last words?

  • Actaeon runs a hand through his hair behind the goggles on his forehead as he listens.

“I will do just that and interrogate this Darran fellow, Lady K. Thank you for your suggestion. As with any endeavor, the success is often questionable. It is our duty in life to try for such lofty goals, for if not us, then who? And if not now, then when? We are the shapers of our own destinies, but the first step is to try. Many times the reward lies in the effort as well as the end.” The Engineer bows his head deeply then and steps back. “You have my thanks, Lady K, for this frank discussion.”

Darran steps forward then. “I hope you’ve enjoyed a sampling of Actaeon. If you’d like to read more about his adventures in the ruined, futuristic city of Redemption as he is drawn into unexpected adventures, romance and politics, look for The Engineer, A Chronicles of Actaeon Story, to hit digital shelves on Amazon late this year. You can follow the progress on Facebook. “

Actaeon stiffens at the words and arches a brow at Darran. “You are going to have to answer quite a few questions, good sir.”

I think I’ll let you two have that discussion, gentlemen.

Actaeon, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you everyone who’s stopped by to visit.  I hope you enjoyed the interview (not sure who was being interviewed here.)  If you’d like to connect with Darran, you can find him on his Facebook Twitteror The Engineer’s Indiegogo site.  

Until next time….

Keep those pages turning.

—– Ailsa Abraham’s Dagda Stops By To Visit With The Pukah

England in the near future. Mainstream religions have been outlawed, and the old gods rule again. Iamo has been a priest of the Great Mother and is sworn to celibacy, but his love for Riga, a Black Shaman, a magical assassin, caused him to break his vows. After being imprisoned apart from each other for three years, Iamo accepts an offer to earn them both a pardon and the possibility of marriage. If they survive. Iamo and Riga must discover why demons are breaking through from the other side. Which of the cults are renegades who allow the demons through? Who can they trust? Combining their powers, they face the ordeal with the help of a band of eclectic pagans, spirit creatures, Riga’s Black Shaman brothers, an undercover Christian granny, and three unusually energetic Goths. It’s a tough assignment, but the hope of a life together keeps them fighting.









Ailsa, we’ve got to quit meeting like this.  It hasn’t been long enough, my friend.  Who do you have with you today?

Dagda, is there a particular name you’d like to be called?

  • Drum Captain Dagda of the Black Shaman’s Guild. I had another name a long time ago but I haven’t used it in decades.

Drum Captain Dagda, it is.  (Mind if I shorten it to Dagda, though?)

  • [If you must]

Thank you.  And, one other nosy personal question before we get started.  Since we have a variety of individuals being escorted through: Are you a species with any unique gifts?

  • I am human, born Native American of the Plains Indian tribes and I am a Shaman. I can shape shift (I am a skinwalker) and move between worlds to commune with spirits. I can also curse and use my spirit-contacts to visit retribution.


I do hope I remain off of your list of people needing retribution!  Do you have many on that list, or your list of enemies?

  • Principally I have been fighting demons who want to take over human souls. Non-magical humans are like children, totally vulnerable and so it is despicable to victimise them.

Agreed.  Victimizing the weak is always in bad taste.  Do you have any allies helping you?

  • My only real allies are the brotherhood of the Black Shamans. They and their power animals have come to my aid many times.

Sounds like you have a strong support base then.  What happens if one of your enemies insults you, or one of your allies?

  • That is a normal part of the demons’ weaponry. They attack the mind. If they cannot make you fear them , they flatter and praise you. I am immune to both from friends or enemies alike.

Sounds like it makes for a lonely life.  Do you have any siblings to comfort you?

  • I don’t know. I did have but I left all my family  behind in a series of events that led me to the Guild. Scribe Ailsa is taking notes from me to write about it one day.

What about a lover or constant companion?  Maybe a spouse?

  • In my life I have loved only three people. One is part of my deeply buried past, the other two appear in the Alchemy series. My pupil, Riga had a teenaged crush on me and nearly had to break her heart because at that time I was in love with someone else. It was good for her education. It made her tough and resilient.

Do you have any deep secrets or fears you feel comfortable enough to share with us?

  • ::Deep laugh.:: [If I shared,] then it would be a secret no more.

What about accomplishments you can brag about, then?

  • I am very proud of Riga, she learned well and has achieved things that most of our Guild would never have considered. I am happy for her that she has found a new path in life but touched by a little sadness that I know I will never see her again. I was not made to be a Grandfather substitute.

Isn’t that the way it is will all of life?  You meet and touch many, but in the end they have to walk their own way.

Drum Captain Dagda of the Black Shaman’s Guild, thank you for letting Ailsa bring you here today to visit.

Ailsa, thank you for coming back again.  As always, it has been fun having you over to visit.

  • Thank you, Sister, for your kind questions.



If you enjoyed the interview, and wish to read more about Dagda and his guild, you can find the books on Amazon here:


 A world without war?

Professor Sawhele Fielding stumbles across an invention that would change the world; something so monumental, it could spell the end of environmental disaster and conflict. With the help of her father, a shadowy figure in the world of international banking, she begins to set into motion the biggest upheaval the planet has seen.

But in a changed world, dark forces are threatening the fragile peace. Where modern technology is proving useless, old magic from a bygone era might just save the day. Adrian Oliver, expert in ancient religions is skeptical until faced with incontrovertible proof that ancient evil is abroad once again.

How could a Utopian dream of free fuel and peaceful co-existence turn into a nightmare?

Iamo, a priest of the Mother Goddess and Riga, a Black Shaman assassin captain, are thrown together – reluctantly at first – to face a threat that nobody could have imagined before “The Changes”.

ALCHEMY is the prequel to Shaman’s Drum which features the adventures of Iamo and Riga through their world in the near future, where the established religions of our own days had been banned.

Shaman’s Drum

England in the near future.

Mainstream religions have been outlawed, and the old gods rule again.

Iamo has been a priest of the Great Mother and is sworn to celibacy, but his love for Riga, a Black Shaman, a magical assassin, caused him to break his vows. After being imprisoned apart from each other for three years, Iamo accepts an offer to earn them both a pardon and the possibility of marriage. If they survive.

Iamo and Riga must discover why demons are breaking through from the other side. Which of the cults are renegades who allow the demons through? Who can they trust?

Combining their powers, they face the ordeal with the help of a band of eclectic pagans, spirit creatures, Riga’s Black Shaman brothers, an undercover Christian granny, and three unusually energetic Goths.

It’s a tough assignment, but the hope of a life together keeps them fighting.



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