Light Shadows

Out of chaos born with a bang, into chaos remit with a swirl, Ever fighting the ongoing battle To grip the changing world, the disordered universe. An ordered world has evolved systematically, In a disordered, chaotic universe. With the order came concepts – Crime, hatred, violence Sex, drugs, disorder, now forbidden subjects. Soft-hearted, naive, they… Read More Light Shadows


Going through some old files, and came across one of my first attempts at poetry.  It’s actually not bad, even compared to what I write today.  Which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a frightening thing, as this was written back many, many moons ago in the third grade. Conroe Bumbling, bunting… Read More Conroe


Leaving, What’s in leaving? Saying goodbye? Saying so long? What’s in leaving? Leaving, What’s in leaving? Leaving is going away It could be death It may be moving on to new vistas It may be staying home to a new child. What’s in leaving?   More from the high school archives.  This one was written… Read More Leaving