Helpful Articles

The very few “How to Write” articles I’ve published, all gathered together into one place.

  • Repurposing Blog Content – Hosted on David M. Kelly’s blog, I go through the process I use to select content for twitter and Facebook posts.

Character Building


  • Platform Building Tool One -   Just about anyone who puts a product up for sale now days needs to have a social media presence, or “Platform”, if they expect to make any sales.  Almost all the literature agrees that while you can succeed with the shotgun approach, scattering your marketing efforts across all the platforms available, it is usually […]
  • Connecting – How to make it meaningful - When you’ve finally got something to say, be it via a blog, a book, a tweet, or a Facebook post, how do you make a meaningful connection?  There are so many instances I see of someone throwing words out into cyberspace, and then letting them fade away.  Like a shout into a noisy room.  Those […]

The Graphic Side of Writing

Guest post on The Story Reading Ape


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