My Own Work

What are Pukah? A simple question, but such a complex answer.



Plans, ideas, disruptions - And now I lay me down this oath to keep A prayer, a wish, I need that’s steep To one above, I swear this now I will not forsake the pre-order vow By end of month, this work to you I will up load for other’s view And if I fail, my promise keep Then […]
Standing Beside You - Today has been tough, I know what you saw A trusted companion, a friend through it all No longer beside you, at least the way that it feels Today is forever, broken, and real They came forth to give you, that stranger who cared A memory, a love, a bus pass to joy coded with […]




Flash Fiction

You’ve Been Challenged! - Raonal sighed to himself as he watched  the common every day boring, tedious, banal activities go on around him.  Despite his recent return to the Sunlits, he still felt the canker on his soul from the recent sojourn to the darker Realms where tedious was exciting, and pranks were dangerous to think about.  Muttering to himself, […]
S. S. Lynx – Old friend, new ship -   “Well, captain, what do you think?”  were the first words I ever heard as the last of the construction crew cleared my decks, and left me empty and waiting. “I think she’s beautiful.  With this, I’m sure we can transship those goods in record time.  I’m glad you purchased, her.” Now, this had me […]
Writing Prompt by Robert Lebeers - Posted on Facebook by Robert Lebeers Here  The post has been mirror-linked to the reply.   Malvec rubbed the lamp experimentally. It glowed and then became hot. Putting it down with a curse, the pirate backed away and gaped as a bluish smoke poured from the mouth of the lamp. It swirled into a miniature tornado […]
S. S. Lynx The Freighter - Wallow, wallow, lug, glug.  Why oh, why did I think this was an exciting thing to do in life?  I have been back and forth between this port and the next more times now that I care to think about.  Always the same, always boring.  And, it never seems to worth the time.  I wallow […]


Short Stories

Cold Day For … - Everyone likes a good fishing story, right? Well, this is one of those that could start out “No, joke.  There I was….” It was a late winter’s day when Grandma decided it was time to go fishing.  We’d been off and on all winter, so bundling up for the chill, packing up our gear, and […]


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