Helpful Articles

The very few “How to Write” articles I’ve published, all gathered together into one place.

  • Repurposing Blog Content – Hosted on David M. Kelly’s blog, I go through the process I use to select content for twitter and Facebook posts.
  • Flesh out the Bones – Now that you have the bare bones of your story, let’s add some detail and “flesh” out the story a bit more
  • Aligning character Morality – How will your characters react?  Read through here for some ideas on how to align your character’s morality to the responses you wish to portray.
  • If I can, you can – My first thoughts on how to balance writing, life, and marketing.  I’m sure not everything is right.
  • Listen to the Muse – the first part of a 4 part series in working with, and listening to your inner muse.
  • Guiding the Muse – now that you can hear your inner muse, here are a few tips on how to keep the muse on track
  • Working with the Muse – Things have come to a halt, the muse does not agree with you about where to go.  Tips on getting things moving again.
  • The Muse has Stopped, now what? – the last of the four part series focused on keeping your story moving forward to completion.  In this installment, we look at what the next steps are after the tale is done.
  • Making the Story Work – we all have those times when it seems nothing we write wants to work.  Some ideas to help you get the story moving again.


The Graphic Side of Writing

Guest post on The Story Reading Ape

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