Offered Services

Though I am only one person, I do my best to help serve the indie author community as if I were two, three, or even four people.  We have a regular schedule of posts that go out every Friday and Sunday for interviews that I host with authors, both experienced and just getting started.  Fridays are the author interviews, and Sundays are reserved for the character interviews.

I also do my level best to promote new authors through book reviews and helping with blog tours.  The tours tend to stop by as I have time available, and the tour has a book I’m interested in (yes, I do get to pick and choose, I’m picky that way.)  The new authors are those who have asked me to review their book, someone I have encountered in one of my author groups on Facebook or Goodreads, or even someone whom I have found through a random search of one of the online retailers.

To help others find their way around, I have divided the genres into five rough categories:  Fantasy (my favorite by far), Science Fiction (a close second), Horror/thriller/mystery (interesting, especially if told well), Romance, Westerns, and other Fiction I just can’t classify (usually a mashup, and no one genre stands out for me), And the last of the groups – Non-fiction.

All of these pages are a work in progress, and I hope they never are finished.  I tend to update about once a month, so be sure to check back periodically to see what I’ve added.

I do want to provide fair warning, however.  If you are interested in the interviews, I’m working through a backlog that has me booked until mid-October.  I will update this as things clear up, and I have more time slots available.

If you are still interested, then please fill out the contact form below.  I promise, I don’t bite, and  I will get back to you soonest to make arrangements for my services.

Oh, and just so you know… These are completely free!

  • Author and character interviews
    • Full interview posted with links provided so you can share the word among your friends and fans
    • One tweet “splash” of 24 tweets the week after your interview(s) go live on the blog
    • Periodic promotional splashes there after (Time slots permitting)
    • We can accommodate up to two character interviews with each author interview posted.
    • Please, keep the interviews PG.  We reserve the right to edit the language if this request is not met.
    • Erotica authors accepted, so long as the above requests are met.  If your content cannot be edited into a PG format, we will cancel your interview, and email you the notice and reason.
  • Book reviews
    • The only genre that I do not read is erotica.  If you send a romance with graphic scenes, I reserve the right to cancel the review.
    • Please make sure your sale links are available
    • Reviews posted here on this blog, on Goodreads (if the book is listed), Amazon and Smashwords (Author’s choice of platform.)
    • Each platform receives a unique review
    • Will send you links for the reviews once they go live, so you can share the word among your friends and fans
    • A twitter “splash” of 24 tweets the week after your review goes live
    • Periodic promotional “splashes” there after.  Typically no less than once per month

4 thoughts on “Offered Services

    1. Thanks. I try, and I often times wind up backlogged. I haven’t gotten all my interviews finished yet – that project will stretch into September. I’m looking forward to the reviews… though I think those may take as long to get them all posted.

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