Promotion Opportunity

Though I am only one person, I do my best to help serve the indie author community as if I were two, three, or even four people.  I offer several services on a first come, first served basis.

Book Reviews

I accept almost all genres.

  • The only genre that I do not read is erotica.  If you send a romance with graphic scenes, I reserve the right to cancel the review.
  • In order of preference:  Science Fiction and Fantasy, all other genres
  • If I read it, I post the review on the blog, no matter the rating
    • If the review is under a 3 paw rating, I will attempt to contact you to discuss what didn’t work for me and if you wish me to post it on the sale sites
  • Positive reviews (3, 4 and 5 paw ratings) post to Amazon and Good Reads
    • I try my best to ensure the reviews are different enough so they are considered unique by web crawlers.
    • 1 and 2 paw ratings will post to the sale platforms with author approval
    • The reviews are spaced out – usually a month or more apart
  • Positive blog reviews are also added to my twitter schedule for a week after they post (an extra 28, or so, twitter exposures)

Author and character interviews

  • Full interview posted with links provided so you can share the word among your friends and fans
  • One tweet “splash” of 24 tweets the week after your interview(s) go live on the blog
  • Periodic promotional splashes there after (time slots permitting)
  • We can accommodate up to two character interviews with each author interview posted.
  • Please, keep the interviews PG.  We reserve the right to edit the language if this request is not met.
  • I provide the interviews on a first come, first served basis.  I prefer to use Facebook for the interview, rather than a static question and answer page, as this allows me to provide a wider range of questions that fit you (and the characters).
  • In order of preference for hosting interviews:
    • If I have reviewed your book and you wish for a set of interviews – I will accept, even if you are not a science fiction or fantasy author
    • Authors from the SciFi Roundtable Facebook Group
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors
    • Other genres, except erotica or explicit romance  (the last two due to audience – as I do not read/review these genres, I have the wrong audience for your works.

Other Services

  • I am willing to host a blog tour stop for my fellow science fiction and fantasy authors.  I do ask that I have at least a couple week’s notice so I can rearrange the schedule to ensure your tour stop gets the most visibility
  • I have also started offering guest post slots for my fellow authors an bloggers.  While I prefer science fiction or fantasy, I will accept posts referring to platform building, marketing tips, or service providers (editors, artists, photographers who sell images, voice actors, fellow review blogs, etc.)  When you submit your request, please let me know in the comments what you’re post topic is about.


  • For a book review – please make sure your sale link is included with your submission.  I do accept ARCs, but I am also known to purchase books for review.  Also, I do my best to ensure sale links are included in the review
  • For the author interviews- please have your contact and social media links handy.  At the end of the interview, I will ask for them so I can include them in your interview post.  Also, please have your author image (or reliable link) available for use with your interview.
  • For character interviews – please have a sale link to the book your character is in available.  I use book covers to lead off character interviews, and sometimes finding the proper book is impossible.

If you are still interested, then please fill out the contact form below.  I promise, I don’t bite, and  I will get back to you soonest to make arrangements for my services.


Comments and questions welcome.

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