#VirtualFantasyCon 2016 Blog Hunt: Marc Royston

Hi, I’m Kat Caffee, author of The Followers of Torments saga :  Out of the Darkness, Remember the Shadows, Into the Sunlits, And Keep this In Mind (expected release date 2017), I am You while You are I (expected release date 2017) and the companion novellas: Beslynx Spiritwalker, Akantheldama Intu, Raonal Tiornestake (expected release date 2017), and Celecanepo… Read More #VirtualFantasyCon 2016 Blog Hunt: Marc Royston

Blogs, Author Platforms, and Connecting (pt 15)

Another tool that I use regularly, though the free version is a bit limited is ManageUnfollow.  This one lets you see how your Twitter followers break down – active/inactive, following you back/not following, fake or spam followers, and a few other options. You do have to connect with your Twitter account.  Not my favorite way… Read More Blogs, Author Platforms, and Connecting (pt 15)